Weekend in Review

Y’alllllllll!! Has anyone else had a crazy summer? Just us? Ok….. well anyways I’m back blogging and I missed y’all! I’ve got a lot I want to share with y’all but I can’t promise to be a great blogger until after October 26th! I’m in the throws of Apple Annie- the Junior League of Huntsville’s biggest fundraiser! Somehow they chose me to be the Chair of this year’s fundraiser and while I’m loving every minute of it, well it just takes a lot of time! Anyways I do plan on sharing with y’all my heart for our community and why apples matter in a blog post soon!

We had so much fun this weekend! My in-laws came to town for their 39th wedding anniversary and we spent the weekend exploring HSV and doing all the things!

Friday night we picked up our house for company and someone decided to rock an Old School Apple Annie tee- circa 2011.

Saturday morning we stopped by our favorite- Big Foot’s Little Donuts! I think we’ve been every week since they reopened! The Caramel Cake was delicious but don’t let this picture fool you- I also got a box of my fav- Cookies and Cream! Keely made a huge leap and actually touched the Big Foot statue! If you’ve got littles you know why thats a big deal :). Of course when I tried to take her picture with him she wouldn’t oblige.


Grammy and Papa got to town mid-morning and played at our house for a while! Had to take them to Shaggy’s another one of our favorite spots and get a pocket taco and a hot dog! Seriously the best, most genius food pairing ever! When then stopped by the Boutique Closet Consignment sale and snagged some great pieces for Keely including these Natives! Y’all they were pretty raunchy when I bought them but I knew I could use my Thieves cleaner to get them looking brand new! What do you think??



After- Thanks to Thieves!!

Speaking of Young Living…….

This guy officially became a part of the team! Oh don’t let him fool you- he’s been a huge part of my Young Living Business but now he’s got his own account and his own business! Make sure you’re following him on insta- @stokesk- for tons of ways to use YL products when training and working out!

Saturday night we headed downtown and sat out on the patio at Humphrey’s but not before stopping by our little park to swing!

Suddenly she’s graduated to the big swings and I’m not ok. Stop Growing Please!!!

Anyways right after dinner the power went out downtown- of course it just happened to go dark right as I was buying these gorgeous flowers from In Bloom. I can’t wait for their new and improved shop at Clinton Row to open!

We then decided to walk around downtown to see what all the commotion was about- lots of big firetrucks investigating smoke around the courthouse! Turns out a squirrel had found its way into the power grid! Yikes!

We loved having Kyle’s parents in town- Keely in particular enjoyed them the most! Lots of hugs and tears when they left!

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend??



Life Lately

Happy Almost Summer!! Can you believe its here?!? In Alabama its definitely felt like summer! Big, loud thunder storms and high, humid temps! Not going to lie, I love it. Except for humidity. Humidity is a curse.

Our life has been crazy busy lately and I really do love it that way! Just living up to my motto “Mom on the Go.”  We’ve done a little traveling, a lot of birthday partying and just tons of general fun!

We started the month with Keely’s one year check up! Girl is always on the move and looked fabulous and healthy! This was literally the only picture I could snap while we were there.

Of course we’ve been keeping up the tradition of popsicle Fridays! I’m definitely not complaining!

How sweet are these two girls! We’ve loved going to all of Keely’s little friends birthday parties! I just think its so adorable watching them all interact with each other!

Little bird has been such a daddy’s girl lately and I love it. I’ll admit it does make me jealous but he’s the best dad so I can’t blame her for loving on him more 🙂

Although he has been in and  out of town a bit and us girls have been having lots of fun playing while he’s gone.

She’s been playing all his Xbox games for him and “winning”. Just kidding K!! (I’m sure he’s reading this and flipping out!) It is so funny to me though, how much toddler’s love remotes, phones and controllers!! She’s officially obsessed!!

We didn’t escape K’s business travel without the stomach bug- me not her- thank goodness!! It was pretty rough and of course the absolute worst week for it to happen! But my awesome friend Katie stepped up and helped me get Keely to school and back! So thankful for my tribe! Am I cool enough to say tribe? No! Do I care? Heck no!!

My favorite Saturday spent in May was taking Keely’s one year photos! Read all about that here

I’m still trying to decide between photos! It’s incredibly hard because they’re all so perfect! I do love this one because there is a little bird (besides Keely) in the top right corner. One of these days I’ll write a blog and really tell y’all all about my bird obsession. For me they are a huge reminder of my grandmother and I just can’t get over the fact that one photo bombed us 🙂

This past weekend wasn’t any different than the rest of our month- jam packed! We started out the weekend at the Lake, helping my folks throw a moving sale. That’s right, they’ve sold our family lake house after almost 18 years. I’m not upset about it at all, can’t you tell 🙂  It was time but still it’s just hard to say goodbye to place that has been such a big part of my life. I mean just take a look at the view

I managed to sneak this picture of my mom and Keely, playing. Melts my heart!!

We got home early evening on Saturday and my parents treated us to a kid free night! We headed to a late dinner at our favorite downtown restaurant, Purveyor and sat out on the patio. If you haven’t been yet, you are missing out! You definitely have to get dessert- we recommend the chocolate melting cake! I wish I had recordings of every time Kyle eats this dish! He cracks me up with his one liners about how delicious it is!

We strolled around downtown before heading home, just taking in the sights and sounds of our cool city! It blows my mind how this city has grown!

Y’all can I just say this- we are old- like we can’t hang anymore at all! We came home got in our pj’s and fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie we rented.

Sunday was indeed a FUNDAY! My friend Katherine and I hosted a trunk show with Regan Stanfield of Regan Allison Designs! She is a super fun, mom of 3 who designs incredible jewelry! We had so much fun seeing everyone and trying on all the things! Just take a look! Oh and FYI the “party” is open a few more days so message me if you want to shop it! Regan takes pre-orders on pieces and then custom makes and ships yours to you!!

And to round off a crazy weekend our friend Jim came Sunday evening to help us get started on our Kitchen backsplash!! Y’all have no idea how excited I am!!

That red stripe is finally going away!!

So with no slowing down in sight, I’m signing off! Have y’all had as busy of a month as us??



Friday Favs- Summer Staples

Summer is fast approaching- If you live in AL it already feels like summer outside, 95 degrees why?!? We are taking a big, family beach trip this summer. I’m a big time planner- like months in advance. Don’t believe me? Go read Keely’s Birthday Party blog, here. I’m insane.

Anyways- I thought I’d share some of my favorite summer staples with y’all today!


I know, I know. No one, I repeat No ONE likes swimsuit shopping. But it is necessary! I’m here to tell you its not as bad as you think it is! I ventured into the dressing room a few weeks ago with about 15 different one pieces, because well #mombod. I didn’t leave in tears as I had prepared myself for. Instead I left with two really fabulous suits

  1. Bleu Rod Beattie- Oh So Knotty One Piece
    Y’all it is possible to look and feel sexy in a one piece suit!! I was blown away! This color is fabulous too- a great shade of plumb to make you look tanner! The thickness of the material and the construction had me feeling secure and the look is very flattering! I sized up and got an 8

2.  Anne Cole- Twist Front Bandeau One Piece
You can’t got wrong with a black strapless bathing suit! This one has some rushing around
the tummy which I definitely benefitted from! Plus it’s currently on sale!! I got an 8



With the Royal Wedding happening tomorrow, and my general obsession for fabulous pajamas, I decided I needed a great PJ set perfect for viewing all the royal goodness. Target for the win!

Y’allllllllll! Seriously this set is so comfortable- not to mention super cute with its soft floral pattern! It’s made of Tencel which makes them perfect for Summer. Tencel is a fiber made from wood pulp- it absorbs moisture more efficiently than other natural fibers- meaning it helps keep you cool and dry!

Top Bottoms

Platform Sandals

I love that platform sandals are back in style!!! Maybe they never really went out but I’m drooling over these four styles and I can’t decide which to order!!  Which is your fav?? Click the picture to order and let me know which you get!

Sunscreen and after sun spray

A true summer staple-Sunscreen! Don’t leave home without it! I’ve been using both the Mineral Sunscreen and the Lavaderm after Sunspray for Keely and I already this month!! I was really worried about this sunscreen because I’ve used other Natural/Mineral Sunscreens before and they don’t always rub in great. This one from Young Living is really amazing! It blends in well and protects my baby’s sensitive skin! Its SPF 10 but I encourage you to read here as to why you really don’t need a high SPF.

Not only is this good for minor sunburns its also great for minor rash, itch and bug bites! Its a great combo of aloe, lavender and helichrysum essential oils and its incredibly moisturizing! These two items have stayed in my bag since I ordered them in April!!

For more on essential oils and natural toxin – free products- head here


What are some of your summer staples?? Let me know!



Friday Favorites….Evening Edition

Happy Friday y’all!

This has been a crazy week and a crazy week calls for some retail therapy! Let me show y’all what I’m finding!


I’m loving this Kendra Scott Arrowhead style earrings! Perfect for summer—- if it ever gets here!

Skylar Earrings in White Pearl • Kendra Scott • $49.97

How adorable is this rainbow one piece!? I just got something very similar for Keely! I’m digging the one shoulder!
Carter’s Rainbow Stripe Ruffle Swimsuit, Baby Girls • Carter’s • $21

Sperry is speaking my language! Rose Gold! Yes Please!!
Sperry Sky Sail Metallic Twill Sneaker • Sperry • $39.90

Y’all have been asking where I got my Tahari sunglasses! I have the darker version but I’m in love with this blush!
Blush & Rose Gold Browline Sunglasses • Tahari • $11.99

Possibly my favorite top ever! And just look at that price! I’d size up if I were you! I have in white and black and will definitely be ordering some more this weekend!
BP. Twist Hem Tee • BP • $14.90



*Affliate Links- meaning I get a small percentage if you buy from the links above 🙂