Life Lately

Happy Almost Summer!! Can you believe its here?!? In Alabama its definitely felt like summer! Big, loud thunder storms and high, humid temps! Not going to lie, I love it. Except for humidity. Humidity is a curse.

Our life has been crazy busy lately and I really do love it that way! Just living up to my motto “Mom on the Go.”  We’ve done a little traveling, a lot of birthday partying and just tons of general fun!

We started the month with Keely’s one year check up! Girl is always on the move and looked fabulous and healthy! This was literally the only picture I could snap while we were there.

Of course we’ve been keeping up the tradition of popsicle Fridays! I’m definitely not complaining!

How sweet are these two girls! We’ve loved going to all of Keely’s little friends birthday parties! I just think its so adorable watching them all interact with each other!

Little bird has been such a daddy’s girl lately and I love it. I’ll admit it does make me jealous but he’s the best dad so I can’t blame her for loving on him more 🙂

Although he has been in and  out of town a bit and us girls have been having lots of fun playing while he’s gone.

She’s been playing all his Xbox games for him and “winning”. Just kidding K!! (I’m sure he’s reading this and flipping out!) It is so funny to me though, how much toddler’s love remotes, phones and controllers!! She’s officially obsessed!!

We didn’t escape K’s business travel without the stomach bug- me not her- thank goodness!! It was pretty rough and of course the absolute worst week for it to happen! But my awesome friend Katie stepped up and helped me get Keely to school and back! So thankful for my tribe! Am I cool enough to say tribe? No! Do I care? Heck no!!

My favorite Saturday spent in May was taking Keely’s one year photos! Read all about that here

I’m still trying to decide between photos! It’s incredibly hard because they’re all so perfect! I do love this one because there is a little bird (besides Keely) in the top right corner. One of these days I’ll write a blog and really tell y’all all about my bird obsession. For me they are a huge reminder of my grandmother and I just can’t get over the fact that one photo bombed us 🙂

This past weekend wasn’t any different than the rest of our month- jam packed! We started out the weekend at the Lake, helping my folks throw a moving sale. That’s right, they’ve sold our family lake house after almost 18 years. I’m not upset about it at all, can’t you tell 🙂  It was time but still it’s just hard to say goodbye to place that has been such a big part of my life. I mean just take a look at the view

I managed to sneak this picture of my mom and Keely, playing. Melts my heart!!

We got home early evening on Saturday and my parents treated us to a kid free night! We headed to a late dinner at our favorite downtown restaurant, Purveyor and sat out on the patio. If you haven’t been yet, you are missing out! You definitely have to get dessert- we recommend the chocolate melting cake! I wish I had recordings of every time Kyle eats this dish! He cracks me up with his one liners about how delicious it is!

We strolled around downtown before heading home, just taking in the sights and sounds of our cool city! It blows my mind how this city has grown!

Y’all can I just say this- we are old- like we can’t hang anymore at all! We came home got in our pj’s and fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie we rented.

Sunday was indeed a FUNDAY! My friend Katherine and I hosted a trunk show with Regan Stanfield of Regan Allison Designs! She is a super fun, mom of 3 who designs incredible jewelry! We had so much fun seeing everyone and trying on all the things! Just take a look! Oh and FYI the “party” is open a few more days so message me if you want to shop it! Regan takes pre-orders on pieces and then custom makes and ships yours to you!!

And to round off a crazy weekend our friend Jim came Sunday evening to help us get started on our Kitchen backsplash!! Y’all have no idea how excited I am!!

That red stripe is finally going away!!

So with no slowing down in sight, I’m signing off! Have y’all had as busy of a month as us??



Friday Favorites….Evening Edition

Happy Friday y’all!

This has been a crazy week and a crazy week calls for some retail therapy! Let me show y’all what I’m finding!


I’m loving this Kendra Scott Arrowhead style earrings! Perfect for summer—- if it ever gets here!

Skylar Earrings in White Pearl • Kendra Scott • $49.97

How adorable is this rainbow one piece!? I just got something very similar for Keely! I’m digging the one shoulder!
Carter’s Rainbow Stripe Ruffle Swimsuit, Baby Girls • Carter’s • $21

Sperry is speaking my language! Rose Gold! Yes Please!!
Sperry Sky Sail Metallic Twill Sneaker • Sperry • $39.90

Y’all have been asking where I got my Tahari sunglasses! I have the darker version but I’m in love with this blush!
Blush & Rose Gold Browline Sunglasses • Tahari • $11.99

Possibly my favorite top ever! And just look at that price! I’d size up if I were you! I have in white and black and will definitely be ordering some more this weekend!
BP. Twist Hem Tee • BP • $14.90



*Affliate Links- meaning I get a small percentage if you buy from the links above 🙂

Time to get Savvy

Have you heard?? Young Living launched a brand new TOXIN FREE, mineral makeup line! The official launch was this summer at convention but you could say the unofficial launch was a little over a month ago with the announcement of the Savvy Minerals Starter Kits!

Just a few days after the kits launched my friend Katherine and I threw a Makeup and Mimosas party! Katherine is an awesome Mom Boss and has a fabulous event planning business, Practically Chic Designs ! Y’all my house has never looked so cute!! It was for sure the swankiest makeup and mimosas party to be had by anyone, ever! Ever!!


Floral ice cubes for our Mimosa Bar

Gotta have the Makeup of course!

Let me rewind and tell you a bit about Savvy Minerals!! Savvy Minerals is the brain child of Melissa Poepping- a YL distributor- who created a clean, natural, mineral makeup that actually works! She was tired of not having a good answer to the question “you’ve ditched and switched everything else, what about your makeup?” Young Living approached her about partnering with them and turning Sweet Savvy Minerals into Savvy Minerals by Young Living! Thankfully she said yes! They spent some time reformulating a few things and adding essential oils to products- peppermint in the Lipgloss is divine, fyi!! Read more about that here

Safe enough for Keely! 😉

Savvy Minerals is formulated without:

Gluten, mineral oil, petrochemicals, talc, parabens, nano-particles, phtalates, bismuth, metals, synthetic dyes and fragrance

Mineral oils can actually damage your skin and its barrier and can increase water loss! AKA dry you out!
Talc is a hot button ingredient and has been linked to cancers, especially ovarian cancer! It is still very prevalent in makeup and beauty products on the market.
Bismuth is used as an adherent in other makeups, especially other mineral makeups. Its a common, cheap filler that can actually exasperate skin irritation and acne
Phthalates are a plasticizer found in cosmetics, used especially as a solvent and fixative. Can also be found in fragrance!
Parabens are preservatives that are known hormone disruptors and have been linked to breast cancer and other reproductive issues

Don’t believe me? Google those ingredients and then download the THINKDIRTY APP, scan your makeup, do yourself a favor and get some Savvy!

Savvy Minerals is Formulated With:

Kaolin Clay, JoJoba Oil, Mica, Aloe, Pure Essential Oils, Aspen Bark Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil, just to name a few

Kaolin Clay is a fine light clay- making it very good for sensitive skin types. It has a silky texture and has been know to have detoxifying properties as well as absorbent properties
Aspen Bark Extract is an all natural preservative and has skin softening properties
Sweet Almond Oil contains Vitamin K and is full of good fatty acids. It is extremely nourshing and can even promote hair growth- think Lashes!!
Mica is used for coloring- especially in the lipgloss to protect us from Lead which can be found in synthetic dyes! Yuck! The Mica we used is mined in the U.S. Not only does it eliminate Lead but it eliminates, coal, tar, petrochemicals and other synthetics that lurk in fake dyes.

What is Savvy all about??

Savvy is all about making us feel beautiful with easy to use, safe, buildable coverage! I’ve done everything from a 5- minute face to a full glam photo shoot look with Savvy Minerals and I’ve been impressed every step of the way! No major learning curve, no hour and a half spent applying either!

My full glam look for a recent photoshoot!

Up until Savvy, I had been a tinted moisturizer and cream blush kind of girl. I was completely freaked out at the idea of using a powder foundation! I had bad flashbacks to “swirl and tap” informercials if you catch my drift! No swirling and tapping that brush, unless you want too.

The Misting Spray is an awesome tool and it smells incredible- formulated with EO’s that are fabulous for our skin it is the glue, so to speak, that holds the look together! I’ve even been able to create my own tinted moisturizer by adding some foundation powder in with my Sheerlume brightening creme every morning! It sets a great base on my face and the oils in the moisturizer, misting spray and my naturally occurring oils help the minerals stick to my face! Here is one of my favorite Savvy tutorial videos of all time!

All the products are completely versatile since they are  all completely natural! I’ve used an eyeshadow, the diamond dust or a lighter foundation as “highlighter” on several different occasions. I’ve used bronzer, eyes shadow or a darker foundation as “contour”. I love the multi-tasker product because I use it for eyeliner and an eyebrow filler- I’ve even seen someone make a dark lipgloss with it! You don’t have to have 500,000 products in your makeup bag! How incredible is that!

Feelin’ Hot

Speaking of lipgloss- Savvy lipglosses have Peppermint EO in them- talk about a natural lip plumper! And that shot of peppermint is so refreshing every time I swipe on my color!

Savvy Minerals

There are four different color options for the Savvy Starter Kits- Warm 2, Cool 2, Dark 1 and Dark 4. Each is pair with a Blush, 3 eyeshadows and a lipgloss that coordinate and work with each other. Every kit comes with the amazing foundation brush, the misting spray and a 5ml bottle of Lavender EO.

Not sure what color foundation?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Credit: Groworkspace

So are you ready to give Savvy a shot???

Go ahead and click here to get your Savvy Minerals Starter Kit and sign up as a YL member- no gimmicks, no selling, no ordering ever again, unless you want to! read all about YL here and why we chose it!

Credit: Groworkspace

Credit: Groworkspace

Are you local??? I’m having a Spring Soirée at Elitaire Boutique this Saturday 3/10! I’ll have the majority of the line there and would love to talk with you more about it!!


Be sure to check out my oily instagram @essentiallystokes for more info, DIY and tutorials




I don’t own a diaper bag…

I don’t own a diaper bag! You’re probably thinking -that girl is crazy!?! No diaper bag? What is she doing? Silly first time mama, thinks she doesn’t need a separate diaper bag…

Well, okay so I don’t have a “traditional” diaper bag!

I have a…..


Totesavvy has transformed motherhood for me

Yes! I have a Totesavvy diaper bag insert and it is the best thing I’ve ever purchased! Seriously! Totesavvy is an insert designed to fit into designer handbags so that Mamas can stay stylish while being a prepared and organized mom ! It is beyond brilliant! I’m able to carry everything I need for Keely and myself in my designer tote bags! The best part is, it is all organized, LABELED (they just launched labels!) and easy to reach!

Mini in Almond with Labels

My cousin Maggie has had a Totesavvy for a while now and turned me on to it early in my pregnancy! I loved that it fit inside her Longchamp tote and her LV Neverfull! All she had to do was take it out of one bag and pop it in the other! At the time I hadn’t really even give much thought to a diaper bag, I just kept saying to myself – I don’t want to be lugging around Keely’s bag, a purse, and Keely!

After a little more research, I  ordered a Totesavvy Original in Coffee. I couldn’t wait for Keely to get here so I could start using it! I told all my  mama friends about it! I even got a new purse as a shower gift 🙂

Looking back on everything- I think I was just happy I didn’t have to give up that part of my identity. Even though “stylish” and designer bags are such a small, small part of who I am (like teeny) it was nice to know I didn’t have to give them up. Especially when I was gearing up to give up so many other parts of my life- I.e. sleep.

Totesavvy Original in Coffee- LV Neverfull MM


Fast forward to being on Maternity leave…

I promise one day I’ll write a post about my sweet 8 weeks at home with Keely, we were always on the go! I knew if we stayed at home all day, every day, for 8 weeks I’d be miserable! So we got out and enjoyed ourselves- met friends for lunch and coffee, went to appointments and did a lot of walking. I don’t even want to imagine trying to do all of that with two bags! It made life so much easier, having one bag, fully organized!

When I went back to work I kept my Original size in my Neverfull! It makes that bag a workhorse vs. a bottomless pit! Plus it comes in handy for work- don’t have to dig for my measuring tape anymore!

Totesavvy Original in Soft Grey. I spy my measuring tape

In the fall, Life in Play (TS parent company) chose us to be  brand ambassadors! I love getting to represent this brand because I truly believe in it! I couldn’t fathom ever having a traditional diaper bag!


They currently have two sizes; Original and Mini. The ladies at Totesavvy make it easy for you to decide and go over the sizes in-depth on their website. They even tell you bag dimensions that are ideal for each size Totesavvy! I have both the original and mini in a few different colors, but right now my favorites are the Blush original- I just love that pop of pink against the red interior of my Neverfull- and the Almond mini.

Almond Mini

Blush Original

I get a lot of mamas asking me about the different sizes. If you’re only going to purchase one, I suggest the Original, unless your child is older. The Original holds all of the following:

-Diapers- I can fit usually 3-4 (now that they’re a bigger size) and a pack of wipes

-Bottle- there’s an amazing insulated pouch

-My Wallet, Sunglasses, Keys and Phone-

-Lipgloss, hand purifier, thieves spray, oils and roller balls-

-Diaper Rash Cream, “medicines”-

-Sunscreen/Bug Spray in the Summer. Mittens in the winter-

-Bib and Burp Cloth- although these days I usually just pack a bib and a blankie-

-Toys, Toys and More Toys-

-There’s a document pouch that I’ll keep a notebook, magazine or paperwork-

-It comes with a changing pad! Holla!

-Outfit change for the bird!

I’ve got multiple loading videos in my IG highlights- check them out here 

Blush Original

The mini is much smaller but I can still get the following into it:


-Diapers and Wipes (same amount as the original size)-


-Comes with the changing pad-

-Outfit Change-

-Couple of small toys-

-Diaper rash cream/essentials-

I use the mini if we are going somewhere (ie. Church) and I will be dropping her off at nursery. It fits in smaller purses and backpacks, perfectly! It’s definitely Kyle’s go to size when he’s hanging with Keely!

Mini Almond

I hope I answered all your questions! Hit me up in the comments if I didn’t!!



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How I became an oily mama

Hey y’all-

So for those of you who don’t know me, check out my Welcome post here or my about me page!

I’ve been using essential oils for 2 years, have you heard of them? Have you seen them at the drugstore, grocery store, heck I’ve seen them at the craft store.


These tiny bottles of plant juices are taking the world by storm and I’m going to tell you my WHY for using them and why I’m purchasing my oils and oily infused products from Young Living!

Two years ago in the Spring of 2016 Kyle and I were talking about starting a family, we were talking about renovating our house, we were talking about the upcoming races he was going to run and our trip that summer, to the beach. We weren’t talking about essential oils or even our family’s wellness!

I had some friends at the time who had been trying to get me hooked on essential oils


I’m a hUUUUGE skeptic! Even though I had a number of friends using them, and I was seeing their great results I was wary to get on board the oily train. I just didn’t understand how they could possibly work and if they did work, why wasn’t everyone already using them- real logical – mental head slap! There is so much science behind EO’s and if you’re interested in the science I can direct you to the research!

Back to Oils

Our dog Nova is an older pup and in the spring of 2016 she was waking us up in the middle of the night, every night- to go outside, to eat, to play. She just didn’t want to sleep or calm down. Little did we know she was preparing us for a kid 🙂

My friend Rebecca also had a senior dog and was using essential oils on him, at night time, to help him relax and calm down. She was seeing results- he was calm and relaxed at bedtime! I was at my wits end so I ordered a bottle of Peace and Calming and the Satin Mint Face Scrub from her! I wasn’t ready to order a premium starer kit- because what if Rebecca’s results weren’t my results?!

Got my little tiny bottle in the mail and …


It worked!! She relaxed, calmed down and slept! One night could’ve been a fluke, multiple nights was a miracle in my opinion! We even started rubbing a drop of the Peace & Calming oil on the bottoms of our feet (crazy 🙂 ) at night to help promote sound sleep!!

Our Sweet Nova Girl

The face scrub was just the cherry on top of the sundae at this point- I was hooked on Young Living and Kyle agreed that we could order a kit.  I’ll admit I was still skeptical.  I found myself saying things like “Ok the oil worked, the face scrub was great- but I’ll probably never order anything else after this kit” or “I’ll use the oils but don’t expect me to get on board with the cleaner or that red drink (ningxia)” “Don’t expect me to sell this stuff!” That’s the beauty of Young Living- I had the option to never order again, without getting penalized! It was literally like buying a Costco membership! I had access to wholesale pricing but I never had to do anything with it if I didn’t want to!

Our kit came and I began diffusing and researching and learning all about these tiny bottles and all about Young Living. I had blindly jumped on board with YL because my  good friends were all using Young Living. The more I researched the more I was so happy I had taken that blind leap!

Seed to Seal

Through my research I discovered that not all oil companies are alike! In fact not all oils are 100% pure essential oil! The FDA only requires a bottle to have 5% essential oil in order to be labeled as a  PURE essential oil- that means lots of fillers or adulterated oils are out there! Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee. This means they are committed to only giving us the best! Every ingredient goes through rigorous quality control and even third party testing! I encourage you to read more about Young Living’s policies and farms.

Fast Forward 1 Year

We had been happily using our oils and a few oil infused products (thieves cleaner, hand purifier, cough drops) for about a year. When I was 7 months pregnant and was researching laundry detergents. I wanted to find one I could use for both baby laundry and mommy/daddy laundry. I discovered through my research that even baby detergents still contained optical brighteners just like regular detergents. Optical brighteners sit on top of your clothes and make them look cleaner than they are!! That blew my mind! I immediately started researching Young Living’s Thieves Laundry soap. Again I was  so skeptical, would it really get our clothes clean, didn’t we need harsh chemicals to get laundry done??  Again super logical.

I found this amazing blog post by Emily over at Butter Believer. She lays it all out for you and gives the facts! She convinced me and I immediately added a bottle of Laundry Soap to our Essential Rewards order. I continue to be amazed by YL- it actually worked and not just on the teeny baby clothes, but on my husband’s stinky running clothes as well!! Everything got clean and smelled amazing, plus the bottle is extremely concentrated so it lasts forever! I became hooked on the entire thieves line of products but it wasn’t until our daughter Keely was born that we started making a real effort to know what we were putting on our bodies, in our bodies and in our home.


Once Keely was born a friend encouraged me to download the ThinkDirty App on my phone and start scanning the products I was using.

This post needed some Keely!

I had already swapped to Thieves Laundry, Dish and Hand soap and had just started taking Ningxia Red to boost our energy and load up on antioxidants. I immediately started scanning products in our bathroom with the ThinkDirty App and was shocked. Fragrance, Petrochemicals, Sodium Laurel Sulfates (SLS), DMDM Hydantoin, a known carcinogen was hanging out in my body wash.  The worst offender by far was the baby wash I was using for Keely! It received a 9 out of 10 on the app. PEG- 80 Sorbitan Laurate-  was the worst ingredient. The concern with PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, is it has the potential to be contaminated with 1,4-Dioxane.  The FDA does not require 1,4-dioxane to be listed as an ingredient on product labels because the chemical is a contaminant produced during manufacturing. However it is a known carinogin and here I was slathering my newborn in potentially hazardous, cancerous stuff- all for some unnecessary SUDS! Read more about 1.4 Dioxane here . I threw it out and began using some of the Honest Company samples I had until I could research replacements. I now use the Honest Company body wash and shampoo on myself- get it here.


Fortunately for us, this was about the same time the Young Living Seedlings Line arrived! I was so excited to start ordering it for Keely- body wash, baby oil, wipes (I use as makeup remover wipes) and diaper rash cream!

YL has had a kidscents line- formulated for children 2 and up. But this summer they released the Seedlings line- a product line specially formulated for infants! Completely plant-based and free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates, paragons, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals. Its an amazing line of products- not only are they soothing and the EO’s in them help promote a calm environment (perfect for bedtime) but the scent is wonderful and I don’t have to worry about a synthetic fragrance!

I’m beyond thankful that I’ve discovered Young Living. They are committed to us, the consumer and providing safe, natural, essential oil infused products to use on our families! The number of products they have are endless- supplements, food, cleaners, baby, animal, kids, skincare, beauty products, even makeup (be on the look out for a post on Savvy Minerals soon!)

For more info shoot me a message! I’d love to tell you more!

Want to get started now!!??! It’s so easy to order YL- here are a few ways to do it:

  1. Message me and add something to my monthly order and take advantage of my wholesale discount (like Costco, remember)
  2. Sign up to become a wholesale member with a premium starter kit (so many options) here and get your own wholesale discount
  3. Sign up to be a retail customer here.

That’s my “WHY”. What’s your “WHY”? Leave me a comment!!