I don’t own a diaper bag…

I don’t own a diaper bag! You’re probably thinking -that girl is crazy!?! No diaper bag? What is she doing? Silly first time mama, thinks she doesn’t need a separate diaper bag…

Well, okay so I don’t have a “traditional” diaper bag!

I have a…..


Totesavvy has transformed motherhood for me

Yes! I have a Totesavvy diaper bag insert and it is the best thing I’ve ever purchased! Seriously! Totesavvy is an insert designed to fit into designer handbags so that Mamas can stay stylish while being a prepared and organized mom ! It is beyond brilliant! I’m able to carry everything I need for Keely and myself in my designer tote bags! The best part is, it is all organized, LABELED (they just launched labels!) and easy to reach!

Mini in Almond with Labels

My cousin Maggie has had a Totesavvy for a while now and turned me on to it early in my pregnancy! I loved that it fit inside her Longchamp tote and her LV Neverfull! All she had to do was take it out of one bag and pop it in the other! At the time I hadn’t really even give much thought to a diaper bag, I just kept saying to myself – I don’t want to be lugging around Keely’s bag, a purse, and Keely!

After a little more research, I  ordered a Totesavvy Original in Coffee. I couldn’t wait for Keely to get here so I could start using it! I told all my  mama friends about it! I even got a new purse as a shower gift 🙂

Looking back on everything- I think I was just happy I didn’t have to give up that part of my identity. Even though “stylish” and designer bags are such a small, small part of who I am (like teeny) it was nice to know I didn’t have to give them up. Especially when I was gearing up to give up so many other parts of my life- I.e. sleep.

Totesavvy Original in Coffee- LV Neverfull MM


Fast forward to being on Maternity leave…

I promise one day I’ll write a post about my sweet 8 weeks at home with Keely, we were always on the go! I knew if we stayed at home all day, every day, for 8 weeks I’d be miserable! So we got out and enjoyed ourselves- met friends for lunch and coffee, went to appointments and did a lot of walking. I don’t even want to imagine trying to do all of that with two bags! It made life so much easier, having one bag, fully organized!

When I went back to work I kept my Original size in my Neverfull! It makes that bag a workhorse vs. a bottomless pit! Plus it comes in handy for work- don’t have to dig for my measuring tape anymore!

Totesavvy Original in Soft Grey. I spy my measuring tape

In the fall, Life in Play (TS parent company) chose us to be  brand ambassadors! I love getting to represent this brand because I truly believe in it! I couldn’t fathom ever having a traditional diaper bag!


They currently have two sizes; Original and Mini. The ladies at Totesavvy make it easy for you to decide and go over the sizes in-depth on their website. They even tell you bag dimensions that are ideal for each size Totesavvy! I have both the original and mini in a few different colors, but right now my favorites are the Blush original- I just love that pop of pink against the red interior of my Neverfull- and the Almond mini.

Almond Mini

Blush Original

I get a lot of mamas asking me about the different sizes. If you’re only going to purchase one, I suggest the Original, unless your child is older. The Original holds all of the following:

-Diapers- I can fit usually 3-4 (now that they’re a bigger size) and a pack of wipes

-Bottle- there’s an amazing insulated pouch

-My Wallet, Sunglasses, Keys and Phone-

-Lipgloss, hand purifier, thieves spray, oils and roller balls-

-Diaper Rash Cream, “medicines”-

-Sunscreen/Bug Spray in the Summer. Mittens in the winter-

-Bib and Burp Cloth- although these days I usually just pack a bib and a blankie-

-Toys, Toys and More Toys-

-There’s a document pouch that I’ll keep a notebook, magazine or paperwork-

-It comes with a changing pad! Holla!

-Outfit change for the bird!

I’ve got multiple loading videos in my IG highlights- check them out here 

Blush Original

The mini is much smaller but I can still get the following into it:


-Diapers and Wipes (same amount as the original size)-


-Comes with the changing pad-

-Outfit Change-

-Couple of small toys-

-Diaper rash cream/essentials-

I use the mini if we are going somewhere (ie. Church) and I will be dropping her off at nursery. It fits in smaller purses and backpacks, perfectly! It’s definitely Kyle’s go to size when he’s hanging with Keely!

Mini Almond

I hope I answered all your questions! Hit me up in the comments if I didn’t!!



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