About Me

Hey Y’all! I’m Sallie and I’m pretty much a classic, Southern mama!

Born and raised in Alabama, my hubby and I did a stint in ATL and while we enjoyed our time there we were so happy to have the opportunity to move back to our home state almost 5 years ago!

A few things about me:

  • I yell “War Eagle” if you don’t know what that means lets get coffee and I’ll tell you all about it!
  • Speaking of coffee…..I have an addiction- I’ve tried to give it up-no one was happy. I’ll take it in any form…..even decaf (under extreme duress)
  • I’m a “recovering” debutante (my mother is probably rolling her eyes, reading this)… let’s just say grace isn’t my middle name.
  • I’m an Interior Designer with a  design degree from Auburn University and I work for a Residential firm locally
  • Kyle and I have been together going on 10 years- our story is pretty funny- I kept turning him down and he refused to give up! So thankful that he hasn’t given up on me yet!
  • I never saw myself as a mama until one day that light switch flipped, as they say, and I couldn’t see myself not being one. I love that little girl to pieces and marvel every day at the amazing creation she is- our God is incredible!
  • I’m an oily mama- meaning we use essential oils and oil infused products in our daily lives- really in almost every part of our lives, more on that here
  • I’m pretty terrible with punctuation, except exclamation points- I LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!
  • Pretty much in love with TV- try to make it through a conversation without one of us quoting a TV show. Seinfeld, Scrubs, HIMYM, Gilmore Girls…. this list is endless, I’m officially apologizing in advance
  • I’m all about a quick and easy project that makes me look like Martha Stewart!
  • I’m committed to ditching&switching all our toxic products and trading them in for non-toxic, safe products! I can’t wait to share this journey with you!
  • Keely is named after my grandmother, Eleanor Keely Beltz Shihadeh! She was my hero! Coolest woman around! I see her in Keely daily! She loved birds and instilled that love in me. Keely is nicknamed Keely bird or birdie in honor of Granny!

What else do you want to know?? Shoot me a message- better yet, follow me on social media!!

IG: @salliestokes @essentiallystokes

xoxo mama