Labor Day in Atlanta

As promised I’m sharing today about our trip to Atlanta with Keely! Probably the biggest trip we’ve done with her this year!
Kyle and I lived in the Atlanta area for the first two years of our marriage and our best friends from college currently live in ATL. So we took advantage of the long weekend and hauled our entire house to Emily and Cory’s! So we didn’t really pack up the whole house but we definitely took a ton of stuff with us!
We decided to leave on Saturday morning. Lately Keely has been extra fussier at bedtime and I didn’t want to risk her sleeping the entire way down on a Friday night (and not going back to sleep once we arrived) vs her taking an early Saturday morning nap in the truck. She did sleep most of the way down but of course I was armed with plenty of toys, books and snacks. I find if I pack a specific tote bag for that and put it next to her in the car she can self entertain for a while!
We got to Emily and Cory’s apartment to drop our stuff off and hug on our sweet fur cousin Rockie!! Then the gang headed off to one of my favorite burger restaurants in Atlanta… Grindhouse! Keely was a fan just like her momma and it was the perfect spot to catch up! Get the Dixie Burger- it has a fried green tomato and pimento cheese! Yum!!
Of course Labor Day weekend is the kick off to college football. Auburn happened to be playing at Mercedese-Benz stadium but I’m just not ready to take a toddler to a football game. So instead we watched it at Em and Cory’s and we squeaked out a win against Washington! It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!

One thing I have been dying to do with Keely is take her to an aquarium! Fortunately our friends were willing to brave the Georgia aquarium with us and that’s what we did Sunday after visiting our old church! Atlanta people if you’re in need of a church home- Buckhead is a great church! Biblical teaching and the friendliest, welcoming folks. Keely visited Wambaland (nursery) and absolutely loved it!
So I’ll admit something- I have an alter ego. Kyle calls her “Vacation Sallie” she usually comes to visit when we go to theme parks, museums, national monuments etc. She is an ultra planner, packer and walks at the speed of light. She’s also been known to make Kyle eat a pb&J at the magic kingdom vs getting a giant turkey leg…..
So the second we pulled into our parking spot Vacay Sal showed up.
Fortunately our friend Cory is an awesome planner and he prepaid for parking when he got the tickets for us. Y’all pre-pay for parking!! It will save you so much undue stress. There is a specific lot that is attached to the Aquarium plus we actually saved a little money and a lot of driving around trying to find a spot!
I do recommend the smallest stroller you own. We did happen to go on possibly the busiest day of the year so it was packed. The stroller was perfect while we waited in line to get in but of course Keely wanted to get out and walk around all the exhibits so we did a lot of hand holding and carrying. Our umbrella stroller was perfect for this. So lightweight- that it could fold up and be carried when we weren’t using it.
It was all worth it to see this sweet baby learning and growing and getting so excited! Plus we got to spend quality time with some of our favorite people! Due to our time constraints Sunday we ate lunch at the Aquarium cafe and Vacation Sallie died a little inside when they charge me $4 for bottled water. However it really was the easier option! And mamas- the aquarium has wine. On the second floor. Get you some! Also skip all the touch pools- your child’s immune system and those sea urchins will thank you!
Emily and I sent the husbands off to the Braves game and we had a girls night! Keely went to bed relatively early and we ordered in Indian takeout from Botiwalla. It’s a yummy restaurant inside Ponce City Market.  Get the Naan and the potatoes.
Monday we all got to be lazy and lounged around before packing up and heading to lunch and a little exploring at Ponce City Market.
I love this place! Such a cool concept on a huge level!
Huntsville is getting glimpses of urban developments and reuse like this and it makes me so excited! We grabbed tacos and margaritas at Minero and sat out on the patio.

Emily snapped this flattering picture. To be honest Keely was being kind of a pill at lunch

Then we did a little shopping!
And we did some more eating….
Y’all Honeysuckle Gelato is amazing! I got a milkshake with Nutella and ButterCrunch Gelato!
The biggest lifesaver this weekend was this awesome backpack from Target!!  I combined it with my Totesavvy minis and it was the perfect back for both mine and Keely’s items. Plus the backpack meant I could be hands-free everywhere we went. I’m seriously only traveling with a backpack purse from now on!
Get it here! You won’t be sorry you did- plus its under $30!
All in all it was a fabulous weekend and it was perfect getting to catch up with dear sweet friends.