Best Baby Shower Gifts to Give!

Hey y’all! Happy Thursday- it’s almost the weekend!!

Are you ready for Easter?? Check out my post on last minute Easter Basket goodies here!

This past weekend we celebrated my sister-in- law’s baby shower! I gave her an assortment of items that I needed or wanted but didn’t get at any of my showers and had to go purchase afterwards! That got me thinking about my favorite go-to gift items for new mothers- besides diapers, of course!!

Cart/Highchair Cover

Some might call this cart cover by comfort and harmony, a luxury. I have become addicted to it. It is the easiest cover I’ve used- no complicated straps/attachments yet it doesn’t slip off or slide down! It also has fabric loops so you can clip toys to it- providing plenty of entertainment on those Target runs! This is the print I got for my sister- in-law. Keely has an equally adorable floral printed cover. Get them here!

These three are must-have items!

Swaddle/sleep sack

We are a sleep sack family! I want to give the inventor a huge hug! I know everyone is into the Halo brand sacks and we like those; but my favorites are the SwaddleMe sleep sacks. Even after Keely started rolling and I couldn’t swaddle her arms, I still used these- I wrap the swaddle flaps around her torso and leave her arms out- she loves it! Plus I’m a sucker for adorable prints and SwaddleMe has the best! I got my sweet nephew-to-be this adorable jungle print! Plus use this link to get free shipping!

Bottle Brush

So go ahead and get used to the idea of hand washing bottles. I don’t know about y’all but our dishwasher takes too long to be washing bottles every night. Especially when Keely was teeny tiny! This is my all time favorite bottle cleaning brush! The bottom portion unscrews and is a silicone brush- perfect for getting into the nipple! Plus Munchkin has all kinds of fun colors! My SIL actually got another bottle brush at her shower- I told her to put this one away and pull it out when the other had maxed out! Get it here.

Changing Pad Liners

Maybe these are another luxury but these things saved my pretty changing pad covers more times than I can count! Terry cloth and absorbent- these liners are the perfect protection during those midnight diaper changes! Machine Washable- mine have lasted these whole 11 months! Snag this three pack here!


If you’re like us- you’ll spend a fair amount of time in the car

Car Seat Toy(s)

Get a couple of car seat toys- that won’t drive YOU bonkers! Trust me- there’s nothing like hearing the same high-pitched tune over and over to drive a mommy insane! I snagged this adorable toucan tactile toy for my sister-in- law. Keely has a couple different kinds but these with the ribbons, mirrors, crinkle and silicone are my favorite! They’re like multiple toys all-in-one! Put this one in your cart now!

Car Seat Mirror

I don’t know what I would’ve done without my mirror! I love being able to safely look at my girl! Now that she’s older we even play peek-a-boo using the mirrors! If you don’t know how they work, the mirror mounts on the headrest in front of your child’s rear-facing car seat! Then using your rearview mirror you can see them and they can see you! I love this Brica one because its super easy to install! Get it here!


In my book, you can never have too many books. Y’all I literally just laughed out lout at myself- so lame! But I do love books and I love buying books for all our little friends! Right now I’m really loving Usborne books- they’ve got fun, creative titles, and awesome warranty and some amazing books for babies- including  these little books for little hands! The one pictured is Keely’s first farm animal book(s)! These teeny readers are fun and easy for her to flip through and play with! My favorite thing about this books is they pack away inside the bigger book and have a magnetic flap! Easy Peasy! Check out the Usborne line here. ***I don’t sell Usborne, I just buy lots and lots of their books!


Y’all know how much I love my ToteSavvy! I love any chance I have to gift one to a pregnant friend! If you don’t know what a ToteSavvy is, or why I’m head over heels for it, check out my post here

Natural Products

Did you think I’d make it through a post without mentioning Young Living and its natural baby products! I WAS given Tender Tush as a baby shower gift and it is far and away one of my favorite products to gift! Its a gentle balm great for dry, chapped skin. Super soothing! Young Living also has a line of products dedicated to teeny babies! The Seedlings line is my go-to for safe, effective  natural products! Get them here and read about why I chose Young Living here!

What are some of your go- to gifts! Did you get any of the gifts I listed?? Were there gifts you needed but just didn’t get?? Let me know!



*all links are affiliate links- meaning I get paid a tiny bit when you buy!

Weekend in Review- Montgomery

Is mid-week too late to post a weekend in review post?? No? Good!! Plus we had a long weekend!


Friday afternoon,  Keely and I headed to Tallassee, AL (Kyle’s hometown) to meet up with Kyle and hang with his family for the weekend! Kyle’s been down there for work so we “tagged” along on his work trip!

It was a full house Friday night for dinner! We did managed to snag this cousin picture- minus sweet Sam!

They really do love each other!


Saturday morning, we got up early and decided to take the whole gang to the Montgomery Zoo! It’s a great zoo and we spent all of our morning and most of our afternoon checking out the animals!

Zoo Keeper in the making??

Keely bird was in her element amongst all the animals! It was sunnier than we expected so Kyle got his baby girl a ball cap as a souvenir- I added the bow 😉 Also our buddy strap got a lot of action this weekend! It was a lifesaver at the zoo- keeping her sippy cup tethered to the stroller! Get them here.

Melt my heart!

She loved the birds- go figure 🙂

Happy Happy!

Keely ended her first ever trip to the zoo with another pass by to see the Scarlet Ibis- I think they’re becoming her favorite birds! She got right up on their fence and did a little dance for them- I posted the video to my instagram! Its too cute so don’t miss it!


Sunday we made it to Sunday School and Church- that’s huge for us- especially on “vacation”!! The main reason we were in town this past weekend- was for my sister- in – law’s Baby Shower! Chelsea is one of my favorite people and she’s growing a tiny human- baby Jackson! She’s an incredible photographer!! She took our maternity photos last year and they are some of my favorite pictures! Check out her work here!

Keely joined in on showering her future cousin! Of course I was too busy playing baby tamer to snap a picture of Keely and Aunt Chelsea!! That’s mom life for you!

That’s what I love about going to Tallassee- it gives me a chance to unplug- mostly because cell service is scarce out in the country! Sometimes its good to just be present and enjoy the moment- vs watching it happen from behind the camera!

Late Sunday afternoon we went to the church egg hunt and family festival! The big kids got to go down a fun inflatable slide, while Keely cheered them on! Of course I tried to get a picture of the girls- but the grass was not up to their standards! Just look at their faces 🙂


Monday might have been my favorite day!! We started the morning by touring Uncle Russ and Aunt Chelsea’s new house! It’s adorable and I could tell they’ve been working hard on it! Chelsea, Keely and I rode to Auburn to meet Uncle Russ for lunch! Any guesses where we ate?? Hint: I had a Momma’s Love and Nachos without peppers!! Keely definitely loved her some Momma G’s- true Auburn girl!

Bottle before Sandwich = Priorities

We then headed to campus and made a stop by Spidle Hall- home of Auburn University Interior Design School!! Y’all this building was my home for four years! It was surreal pushing a stroller down those halls. I remember many a night spent napping in those hallways- a fast half hour nap here and there in order to stay somewhat sane! That building sure has changed! Peek and the other professors have worked hard to get high-end, state of the art facilities for the INDS students- I’m pretty jealous!

Keely and Peek were fast friends and my child loved all the attention she got from the design students in Peek’s class!!

Peek is definitely one of my most favorite people in the world- right up there with my grandmother! She takes the sophomores under wing?? I might be looking back on my sophomore year with beer goggles 🙂 Love you Peek! She doesn’t pull her punches but each one is all about teaching you and molding you into an incredible designer! All my color knowledge is credited solely to her!

Seriously though- I struggled as a freshie and Peek looked out for me and gave me a few bits of (unsolicited) advice about my projects! She definitely didn’t go easy on me when I got to her studios- in fact she was probably harder on me!  She knew that I needed that push and competitive drive to make my work great! I love that our relationship has evolved from mentorship then to friendship now!

Keely also got to meet Dr. PG who spent much of my junior year shaking her head at me! Her studios where all about real interior design work- space planning, fabric and finish scheming, & working with client requirements. She has been a constant encourager- even now that I’m out in the real world! She has asked me to jury for her studios final presentations and she is always eager to catch up and check in when we see each other!

Having Keely meet them both was a huge highlight for me! I’m incredibly thankful for the two of them! Strong, incredible women who lead by example!

The one and only- Paula Frances Peek

My dad refers to Peek as the “dog lady”


She has a senior dog rescue and currently has 20 pups!

To support Peek’s efforts with her senior dog rescue- click here. Check out her instagram here. Fun fact- Peek was our Bo Bo’s first mommy! His name was shy baby at her house- if you’ve met this pup you know he’s anything but shy!

Far from shy!

Hope you have a great rest of the week friends!!



Metro Diner- Huntsville

About a week ago, we left Keely with our favorite babysitter and met my parents at the soft opening for the brand new Metro Diner in Huntsville!

Metro Diner is a “chain” (I hate that word) of restaurants originating in Jacksonville, Florida. They’re tag line is “where the locals eat” and last Saturday night it was full to the brim with us locals!

In Huntsville, it is located where Beauregard’s was on Airport Road. They did a massive renovation, including a checkerboard floor and open Kitchen—- love!  Technically they didn’t open until this past Tuesday 3/20 but we made reservations to join them for their soft opening on St. Patrick’s Day.

Upon arrival we had to wait for a minute once we saw the hostess. There isn’t much space up front to sit while they prepared our table, a few people were outside, but really no one had to wait very long! We sat at a booth and the hostess went over the “rules” for the soft opening.

Basically there was just one rule: They asked that everyone in our party order from a different section of the menu! This way their chefs could get a lot of practice making all the dishes- its a pretty extensive menu!

I called dibs on Breakfast! Breakfast for Dinner is by far one of my favorite things!! Brinner for life!

Our server Morgan was great and already very knowledgeable about the menu- she had one of everything on the menu during her training!

I ordered the breakfast pie, my Mom had the Philly Cheesesteak (she requested no onions), TK had the Chicken Pot Pie- Jumbo size, and Kyle had the Fried Chicken Sandwich!

Breakfast Pie: Layers fo Egg, Cheese, Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers and Potatoes. Side of Bacon. I added hot sauce to mine as an extra flavor profile.

Philly Cheesesteak no onions, side of Mac and Cheese. Mom said the Mac and Cheese was excellent and the Cheesesteak was good (she’s from Philly so she’s hard on cheesesteaks)

Chicken Pot Pie- Jumbo: Baked Chicken, Lima Beans, Carrots, Corn, Peas, and Green Beans. Topped with homemade biscuit crust. TK said his eyes were bigger than his stomach with the Jumbo but that it was delicious!

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Onion Rings. Kyle loved his sandwich- He wasn’t a fan of the Brioche bun- too much bread. He said everything else was perfect!

All in All it is a great Family restaurant perfect for Saturday Lunch or Sunday Brunch! They’ll be serving Beer, Wine, Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. The menu is pretty expansive so we will be going back soon to try more!

Have you been to a Metro Diner location?? What do you think? Be sure to check out the Huntsville location if you haven’t already!




Weekend in Review

Hey y’all! As I write this, Huntsville is under a tornado warning! Yikes! No better time to blog, right??? We had an eventful St. Patty’s Day Weekend!


Friday started out with flowers from my sweet hubby! Aren’t they gorgeous! He’s so thoughtful!

I’m a very lucky girl!!

Kyle took the afternoon off and picked Keely up early! We grabbed a quick lunch at one of our favorite spots- Dallas Mill Deli and then headed to the accountant- not fun but neccessary.

Searching for that dropped strawberry

We spent the rest of our afternoon hanging out at home just the three of us. With our busy lives, that is  sometimes hard to do, but it was so much fun! We had a big mail day so we opened all our goodies and then played in the boxes!


Diva Diva Diva

Matching Pink Sunnies

I love getting mail! Some super fabulous sunglasses from Diff eyewear were in the mailbox on Friday! Have y’all tried them out- Check out the pair I got here! We also got our monthly diaper box from the Honest company! Keely loves the diapers but she really loves the boxes 🙂

Princess of the Boxes

We pulled out our dress up stuff and played in our big new box for a very long time!! I know she won’t always be entertained with simple things so I’m soaking it in while it lasts!

Friday night I enjoyed a girls night out with my friend Kate! We had sushi and martinis at our favorite spot- Rock N’ Roll sushi. I try hard to do non- kid dinners with my girlfriends! It lets me relax and let loose every once in a while! I’m learning it’s hard to turn off “mommy” mode but its so necessary!! I’ve got to remember that I’m not doing anyone at home any good if I’m not refueling my tank every so often! Make sure you’re refueling your tank!! I’ve got to come up with a better phrase- haha!

They have the prettiest sushi!


We hit the ground running on Saturday with an early morning class at the Little Gym Huntsville. Keely recently moved up to the Birds class (so appropriate) She’s the only one not walking, but she’s going to be soon- I can just feel it! Saturday morning we worked on rolls as well as hanging from the bars! She loves Little Gym and I can tell it really helps her confidence in addition to her motor skills!

She’s still not sure about the bars

Waving to her friend- and guarding that ball!

After Little Gym- KH and I rushed home to get changed for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt! Kyle got up early with a few other neighborhood parents and hid eggs! The weather turned out perfect- the rain stayed away!

She waved to anyone and everyone the entire stroll down to the park.

We’ve got a great park in our neighborhood- the perfect size for an egg hunt or a certain girl’s first birthday party (more on that soon!!)

It was great getting to see familiar faces and make new friends!

We somehow convinced all the kiddos to pose for a picture before the hunt- even with all those eggs in plain sight!

Baby girl got an impressive six eggs, mostly by herself!

The hunt was through pretty quickly and afterwards we spent some time swinging and playing on the playground- Keely is getting fearless- she went down the slide all by herself!

Of course I didn’t snap a picture of her going down the slide- I was having a heart attack!

We still weren’t through with our day- home for a quick nap and then off to our friend Warren’s second birthday party!!!

Saturday was really the perfect day weather wise! The sun came out and it warmed up enough for all the kids to play outside! Warren has a water table and I can see one in our future- what do you think??


She would’ve stay there all day but rice krispy treats and apple juice proved more appealing!

If you can’t tell she’s very into wearing her sunnies on top of her head- D I V A

Saturday night Keely hung out with her favorite babysitter, while Kyle and I plus my parents tried out the new Metro Diner that’s opening this week in Huntsville! They had a soft opening Saturday night and we took advantage! I’ll be posting a “review” later this week!

Keely loves her Meg!! I love getting pics of the two of them!

He was excited…… I promise!


Sunday morning was uneventful- thank goodness! We made it to Sunday School and Church- quite an accomplishment these days!

After church we headed to Costco- y’all Costco on a Sunday is a madhouse! I thought Saturdays were bad! Nope- Sunday is crazy- Everyone had the same idea we did! I did snag this adorable rash guard- I’ve linked it below from Macy’s but if you have a Costco membership get it there! It’s like half the price!

Keely spent the afternoon with Gigi and T.K. while Kyle and I got some work and cleaning done! She loves hanging with them and I’m beyond grateful!

My Doll baby was hoping for an AU basketball win Sunday night!

I’m so glad we spent the weekend taking advantage of the gorgeous weather!

It was a good weekend!





Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Edition

Hey Y’all!! With just a few weeks until Keely’s First Easter- I thought I would share some of my favorite Easter basket goodies!! Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way!

1.) Easter Basket

Let’s start with the most important part of an Easter basket, the basket! I had a monogrammed, gingham basket made for Keely from one of my favorite, local monogram girls- Oh Happy Day Shoppe! She has a great Etsy and she ships! It’s not too late to get your bunny ear basket! Plus right now her whole shop is 15% off and there is no code necessary! Good through 3/24!
Maybe the monogrammed isn’t your thing! Check out this bunny basket or this whimsical basket!

I wanted to invest in a basket that she could keep and use for years! We’ve already got a few egg hunts to attend this year! Mama’s been practicing with her girl! I always found the golden egg at our family egg hunt! 😉 You’ve got to start them young (and now you think I’m an insane, pushy mother- but I promise that I’m mostly joking)

2) Bunny Ears and eggs

What kind of basket doesn’t have Easter eggs?? And the bunny ears are just a fun add on! I got mine at the dollar tree but you can find them here, here, and here!

I loved getting eggs in my basket- filled with all kinds of candy!


Keely only kept the bunny ears on for like 5 seconds 🙂


3.) Books Books and More Books

I love the “That’s not my…. ” series from Usborne books- they’re a whole grouping of touchy- feely books and full of fun prompts- “That’s not my Bunny- it’s tail is too fluffy!” Keely is getting “That’s not my bunny…” in her basket this year! She’s already got “That’s not my dog..” and “That’s not my owl…” Get them here

Speaking of books- Usborne has these fun books within a book! These have been so perfect for tiny hands! These days Keely loves dumping them out and picking each one up- saying “ahh ahh” and throwing them down 🙂

*I don’t sell Usborne books- we just really love them and all the unique features they offer!

4.)Bunny Lovey

You know you’re a parent when your house could be taken over by stuffed bunnies, lambs and doggies if they ever came to life! I’m part of the problem- I see a sweet lovey and snag it up! Like this one or this one or this one. So go ahead and add a sweet bunny to your little one’s basket!


5) Buddy Straps

A friend suggested these sippy cup straps and they’ve been a lifesaver! I’m adding another one to Keely’s basket- along with a couple of sippy cups! The straps also come in a toy version- meaning you can attach to your child’s favorite toy and tether it to the high chair, stroller, child’s wrist! Find them here, here, and here!

6) Reusable Pouches

These have quickly become one of our favorite products! I’m adding some more to Keely’s stash and giving them to her for Easter 🙂 I probably should fill them with oatmeal though……. These reusable pouches are eco-friendly and dishwasher safe! We’ve been actively using them for a few months now so it’s time for a refresh! You can buy them here!

And since my child loves Puffs so much- I’ve decided to fill all her eggs with them! Skipping chocolates this year- or at least that’s the plan!

What all do you put in your Little One’s Easter Basket??



Weekend in Review

Hey Y’all! We had such a fun time in our amazing city this weekend I thought I’d share!


My office closes early on Fridays so I love going to get Keely from school and spending the afternoon with her!

I did just that this past friday and we ran some errands and had a lot of fun! Our first stop was Babies R Us to get a gift for our soon-to-be cousin Jackson! Of course we came across a whole end cap of Bingo and Rolly toys and Keely had to have a tiny Bingo. She was deeply upset when I gave it to the cashier to scan at check-out. If you haven’t watched PuppyDog Pals- watch it now. Such a cute show!!

The look in this photo says it all though. Diva didn’t like it when I touched HER Bingo!

Diva Diva Diva

.By the way the Babies R Us here gave no indication they’d be closing this week- a lot of people have been asking me that!

Samoa for Me

After shopping for our new cousin, we headed to meet GiGi and TK for popsicles at Frios in downtown Huntsville. Their office is within walking distance of this great popsicle place! Dangerous!!! We are loving popsicles lately and Popsicle Friday might become a thing! Especially with TK and GiGi joining us!!

Pink Lemonade for the Birdie

I’m in love with this area of Downtown, nicknamed the Garage at Clinton Row. It’s full of some amazing food- Frios and Honest Coffee Co- as well as some amazing shops- My favorite Elitaire 🙂

However a brand new shop opened  on Friday and I was honored to be invited to the Preview Party. Kennedy and Rowe is a new boutique located in the Garage! Keely and I popped in and congratulated  Megan and Anusha! It’s a gorgeous store and I can’t wait to shop, sans baby bird!

New Store Alert!

To top off a fabulous Friday- I got a girls night out for a friend’s birthday! We went to the AU vs UA Gymnastics Meet. I had so much fun I didn’t take any pictures. Auburn didn’t get the W but our girls stuck it ( is that the proper gym vernacular??) I’ve also decided Keely will be on the AU Gymnastics team in 2035!


Saturday was soooooo much fun! I spent the day at Elitaire boutique showing off my Savvy Minerals by Young Living Makeup! It was all part of Kayla’s Spring Soiree. We had a blast, watching old movies, eating delicious macrons and shopping!! I loved getting to see and meet everyone that came out!


Loved being a part of Elitaire’s Spring Soiree

Gorgeous Bouquets by Old Frond


Have you tried Savvy yet??

While I partied it up at Elitaire- My mom and Keely went to visit our friend Michelle who was in town from Florida! From what I hear, they had a blast!

GiGi is the Best!

We Love Sweet, Fun Michelle!

Of course Keely had to make an appearance at the Spring Soiree! She loved shopping and sharing Savvy. What she did not appreciate was watching me eat a poke bowl from Oshi- the brand new poke restaurant in town! Its delicious FYI. Kid doesn’t like watching people eat- unless you plan on sharing 🙂

My Heart!

Saturday night was spent relaxing at home after a busy busy day!


So time change. Don’t get me wrong I love it being lighter later! But this whole moving the clock around and screwing with my child’s sleep habits, really kind of stinks. However I was proud of my little family- we made it to church yesterday! Big accomplishment for us these days!

Afterwards we went to lunch with my parents at Mei Wei downtown. We are really into Asian food lately- probably because Huntsville does it really well!

We took advantage of the sunshine and this adorable chair and snapped some pictures of Keely. She clearly hates having her photo taken! I love stumbling upon fun things like this! Huntsville is so cool!

We topped off the day with a walk to our sweet park and some swinging. I’ve never met a kid who loves to swing as much as she does! TK takes a pretty good iPhone picture too!

Oh and you may have seen on my IG stories but we also introduced Keely to The Sound of Music-  kid is obsessed!! And she’s so close to walking unassited- I’m not sure I’m ready!


Hope y’all had a fun weekend too! What did you do?? Let me know in the comments!!




Friday Favorites….Evening Edition

Happy Friday y’all!

This has been a crazy week and a crazy week calls for some retail therapy! Let me show y’all what I’m finding!


I’m loving this Kendra Scott Arrowhead style earrings! Perfect for summer—- if it ever gets here!

Skylar Earrings in White Pearl • Kendra Scott • $49.97

How adorable is this rainbow one piece!? I just got something very similar for Keely! I’m digging the one shoulder!
Carter’s Rainbow Stripe Ruffle Swimsuit, Baby Girls • Carter’s • $21

Sperry is speaking my language! Rose Gold! Yes Please!!
Sperry Sky Sail Metallic Twill Sneaker • Sperry • $39.90

Y’all have been asking where I got my Tahari sunglasses! I have the darker version but I’m in love with this blush!
Blush & Rose Gold Browline Sunglasses • Tahari • $11.99

Possibly my favorite top ever! And just look at that price! I’d size up if I were you! I have in white and black and will definitely be ordering some more this weekend!
BP. Twist Hem Tee • BP • $14.90



*Affliate Links- meaning I get a small percentage if you buy from the links above 🙂

I shopped the ASOS Maternity Sale…..

So you wouldn’t have to…….

I discovered ASOS in my third trimester and I wish I had found them sooner! I had a bunch of dresses from them that became my staples! They’re having a big sale right now and I picked my favorite maternity looks!

How Fabulous is this Sequin Mini Dress! Who says you can’t be Sexy and Preggo!
ASOS Maternity Sequin Fluted Sleeve Lace Mini Dress • Asos • $34.50

I love this dress! Perfect for work or a Spring Saturday!
ASOS Maternity Stripe Mini Skater Dress with Contrast Neck Detail • Asos • $22

I’d get pregnant just for this dress!! So Classic! Perfect for your baby shower!
ASOS Maternity Bow Front Midi Pencil Dress with Mesh Detail • Asos • $69.50

I had similar dresses and LIVED in them! So comfortable and bump friendly
ASOS Maternity Smart Pencil Dress with Placement Print • Asos • $38

& you & You Nursing Floral Print Cold Shoulder Tea Dress • $12.50

The color on this is so perfect for spring! You’ll feel far from frumpy in this bump hugging frock!
ASOS Maternity Midi Bardot Pencil Dress With Ruffle • Asos • $35

The perfect dress for your maternity photos!!
Mama.licious Mamalicious Premium Embellished Maxi Dress • Mama Licious • $57

I love this one shoulder dress! Plus that hi low hemline is to die for!
ASOS Maternity ASOS MATERNITY PETITE One Shoulder Foam Scuba Dip Back Midi Skater Dress • Asos • $46

Do you have a wedding or formal event to attend while pregnant? Snag this dress now!!
Queen Bee Lace Bodice Maxi Dress With Chiffon Skirt • Queen Bee • $58

These cotton bump hugging dresses were my staples while pregnant!
ASOS Maternity Bardot Dress with Half Sleeve in Rose Floral Print • Asos • $18


I loved all my maternity clothes from ASOS- Well made and fit like you expect! This was by far my favorite dress that I ordered 🙂



** all links are affiliate links- meaning I get a small kickback if you purchase

Time to get Savvy

Have you heard?? Young Living launched a brand new TOXIN FREE, mineral makeup line! The official launch was this summer at convention but you could say the unofficial launch was a little over a month ago with the announcement of the Savvy Minerals Starter Kits!

Just a few days after the kits launched my friend Katherine and I threw a Makeup and Mimosas party! Katherine is an awesome Mom Boss and has a fabulous event planning business, Practically Chic Designs ! Y’all my house has never looked so cute!! It was for sure the swankiest makeup and mimosas party to be had by anyone, ever! Ever!!


Floral ice cubes for our Mimosa Bar

Gotta have the Makeup of course!

Let me rewind and tell you a bit about Savvy Minerals!! Savvy Minerals is the brain child of Melissa Poepping- a YL distributor- who created a clean, natural, mineral makeup that actually works! She was tired of not having a good answer to the question “you’ve ditched and switched everything else, what about your makeup?” Young Living approached her about partnering with them and turning Sweet Savvy Minerals into Savvy Minerals by Young Living! Thankfully she said yes! They spent some time reformulating a few things and adding essential oils to products- peppermint in the Lipgloss is divine, fyi!! Read more about that here

Safe enough for Keely! 😉

Savvy Minerals is formulated without:

Gluten, mineral oil, petrochemicals, talc, parabens, nano-particles, phtalates, bismuth, metals, synthetic dyes and fragrance

Mineral oils can actually damage your skin and its barrier and can increase water loss! AKA dry you out!
Talc is a hot button ingredient and has been linked to cancers, especially ovarian cancer! It is still very prevalent in makeup and beauty products on the market.
Bismuth is used as an adherent in other makeups, especially other mineral makeups. Its a common, cheap filler that can actually exasperate skin irritation and acne
Phthalates are a plasticizer found in cosmetics, used especially as a solvent and fixative. Can also be found in fragrance!
Parabens are preservatives that are known hormone disruptors and have been linked to breast cancer and other reproductive issues

Don’t believe me? Google those ingredients and then download the THINKDIRTY APP, scan your makeup, do yourself a favor and get some Savvy!

Savvy Minerals is Formulated With:

Kaolin Clay, JoJoba Oil, Mica, Aloe, Pure Essential Oils, Aspen Bark Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil, just to name a few

Kaolin Clay is a fine light clay- making it very good for sensitive skin types. It has a silky texture and has been know to have detoxifying properties as well as absorbent properties
Aspen Bark Extract is an all natural preservative and has skin softening properties
Sweet Almond Oil contains Vitamin K and is full of good fatty acids. It is extremely nourshing and can even promote hair growth- think Lashes!!
Mica is used for coloring- especially in the lipgloss to protect us from Lead which can be found in synthetic dyes! Yuck! The Mica we used is mined in the U.S. Not only does it eliminate Lead but it eliminates, coal, tar, petrochemicals and other synthetics that lurk in fake dyes.

What is Savvy all about??

Savvy is all about making us feel beautiful with easy to use, safe, buildable coverage! I’ve done everything from a 5- minute face to a full glam photo shoot look with Savvy Minerals and I’ve been impressed every step of the way! No major learning curve, no hour and a half spent applying either!

My full glam look for a recent photoshoot!

Up until Savvy, I had been a tinted moisturizer and cream blush kind of girl. I was completely freaked out at the idea of using a powder foundation! I had bad flashbacks to “swirl and tap” informercials if you catch my drift! No swirling and tapping that brush, unless you want too.

The Misting Spray is an awesome tool and it smells incredible- formulated with EO’s that are fabulous for our skin it is the glue, so to speak, that holds the look together! I’ve even been able to create my own tinted moisturizer by adding some foundation powder in with my Sheerlume brightening creme every morning! It sets a great base on my face and the oils in the moisturizer, misting spray and my naturally occurring oils help the minerals stick to my face! Here is one of my favorite Savvy tutorial videos of all time!

All the products are completely versatile since they are  all completely natural! I’ve used an eyeshadow, the diamond dust or a lighter foundation as “highlighter” on several different occasions. I’ve used bronzer, eyes shadow or a darker foundation as “contour”. I love the multi-tasker product because I use it for eyeliner and an eyebrow filler- I’ve even seen someone make a dark lipgloss with it! You don’t have to have 500,000 products in your makeup bag! How incredible is that!

Feelin’ Hot

Speaking of lipgloss- Savvy lipglosses have Peppermint EO in them- talk about a natural lip plumper! And that shot of peppermint is so refreshing every time I swipe on my color!

Savvy Minerals

There are four different color options for the Savvy Starter Kits- Warm 2, Cool 2, Dark 1 and Dark 4. Each is pair with a Blush, 3 eyeshadows and a lipgloss that coordinate and work with each other. Every kit comes with the amazing foundation brush, the misting spray and a 5ml bottle of Lavender EO.

Not sure what color foundation?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Credit: Groworkspace

So are you ready to give Savvy a shot???

Go ahead and click here to get your Savvy Minerals Starter Kit and sign up as a YL member- no gimmicks, no selling, no ordering ever again, unless you want to! read all about YL here and why we chose it!

Credit: Groworkspace

Credit: Groworkspace

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