Labor Day in Atlanta

As promised I’m sharing today about our trip to Atlanta with Keely! Probably the biggest trip we’ve done with her this year!
Kyle and I lived in the Atlanta area for the first two years of our marriage and our best friends from college currently live in ATL. So we took advantage of the long weekend and hauled our entire house to Emily and Cory’s! So we didn’t really pack up the whole house but we definitely took a ton of stuff with us!
We decided to leave on Saturday morning. Lately Keely has been extra fussier at bedtime and I didn’t want to risk her sleeping the entire way down on a Friday night (and not going back to sleep once we arrived) vs her taking an early Saturday morning nap in the truck. She did sleep most of the way down but of course I was armed with plenty of toys, books and snacks. I find if I pack a specific tote bag for that and put it next to her in the car she can self entertain for a while!
We got to Emily and Cory’s apartment to drop our stuff off and hug on our sweet fur cousin Rockie!! Then the gang headed off to one of my favorite burger restaurants in Atlanta… Grindhouse! Keely was a fan just like her momma and it was the perfect spot to catch up! Get the Dixie Burger- it has a fried green tomato and pimento cheese! Yum!!
Of course Labor Day weekend is the kick off to college football. Auburn happened to be playing at Mercedese-Benz stadium but I’m just not ready to take a toddler to a football game. So instead we watched it at Em and Cory’s and we squeaked out a win against Washington! It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!

One thing I have been dying to do with Keely is take her to an aquarium! Fortunately our friends were willing to brave the Georgia aquarium with us and that’s what we did Sunday after visiting our old church! Atlanta people if you’re in need of a church home- Buckhead is a great church! Biblical teaching and the friendliest, welcoming folks. Keely visited Wambaland (nursery) and absolutely loved it!
So I’ll admit something- I have an alter ego. Kyle calls her “Vacation Sallie” she usually comes to visit when we go to theme parks, museums, national monuments etc. She is an ultra planner, packer and walks at the speed of light. She’s also been known to make Kyle eat a pb&J at the magic kingdom vs getting a giant turkey leg…..
So the second we pulled into our parking spot Vacay Sal showed up.
Fortunately our friend Cory is an awesome planner and he prepaid for parking when he got the tickets for us. Y’all pre-pay for parking!! It will save you so much undue stress. There is a specific lot that is attached to the Aquarium plus we actually saved a little money and a lot of driving around trying to find a spot!
I do recommend the smallest stroller you own. We did happen to go on possibly the busiest day of the year so it was packed. The stroller was perfect while we waited in line to get in but of course Keely wanted to get out and walk around all the exhibits so we did a lot of hand holding and carrying. Our umbrella stroller was perfect for this. So lightweight- that it could fold up and be carried when we weren’t using it.
It was all worth it to see this sweet baby learning and growing and getting so excited! Plus we got to spend quality time with some of our favorite people! Due to our time constraints Sunday we ate lunch at the Aquarium cafe and Vacation Sallie died a little inside when they charge me $4 for bottled water. However it really was the easier option! And mamas- the aquarium has wine. On the second floor. Get you some! Also skip all the touch pools- your child’s immune system and those sea urchins will thank you!
Emily and I sent the husbands off to the Braves game and we had a girls night! Keely went to bed relatively early and we ordered in Indian takeout from Botiwalla. It’s a yummy restaurant inside Ponce City Market.  Get the Naan and the potatoes.
Monday we all got to be lazy and lounged around before packing up and heading to lunch and a little exploring at Ponce City Market.
I love this place! Such a cool concept on a huge level!
Huntsville is getting glimpses of urban developments and reuse like this and it makes me so excited! We grabbed tacos and margaritas at Minero and sat out on the patio.

Emily snapped this flattering picture. To be honest Keely was being kind of a pill at lunch

Then we did a little shopping!
And we did some more eating….
Y’all Honeysuckle Gelato is amazing! I got a milkshake with Nutella and ButterCrunch Gelato!
The biggest lifesaver this weekend was this awesome backpack from Target!!  I combined it with my Totesavvy minis and it was the perfect back for both mine and Keely’s items. Plus the backpack meant I could be hands-free everywhere we went. I’m seriously only traveling with a backpack purse from now on!
Get it here! You won’t be sorry you did- plus its under $30!
All in all it was a fabulous weekend and it was perfect getting to catch up with dear sweet friends.

Weekend in Review

Y’alllllllll!! Has anyone else had a crazy summer? Just us? Ok….. well anyways I’m back blogging and I missed y’all! I’ve got a lot I want to share with y’all but I can’t promise to be a great blogger until after October 26th! I’m in the throws of Apple Annie- the Junior League of Huntsville’s biggest fundraiser! Somehow they chose me to be the Chair of this year’s fundraiser and while I’m loving every minute of it, well it just takes a lot of time! Anyways I do plan on sharing with y’all my heart for our community and why apples matter in a blog post soon!

We had so much fun this weekend! My in-laws came to town for their 39th wedding anniversary and we spent the weekend exploring HSV and doing all the things!

Friday night we picked up our house for company and someone decided to rock an Old School Apple Annie tee- circa 2011.

Saturday morning we stopped by our favorite- Big Foot’s Little Donuts! I think we’ve been every week since they reopened! The Caramel Cake was delicious but don’t let this picture fool you- I also got a box of my fav- Cookies and Cream! Keely made a huge leap and actually touched the Big Foot statue! If you’ve got littles you know why thats a big deal :). Of course when I tried to take her picture with him she wouldn’t oblige.


Grammy and Papa got to town mid-morning and played at our house for a while! Had to take them to Shaggy’s another one of our favorite spots and get a pocket taco and a hot dog! Seriously the best, most genius food pairing ever! When then stopped by the Boutique Closet Consignment sale and snagged some great pieces for Keely including these Natives! Y’all they were pretty raunchy when I bought them but I knew I could use my Thieves cleaner to get them looking brand new! What do you think??



After- Thanks to Thieves!!

Speaking of Young Living…….

This guy officially became a part of the team! Oh don’t let him fool you- he’s been a huge part of my Young Living Business but now he’s got his own account and his own business! Make sure you’re following him on insta- @stokesk- for tons of ways to use YL products when training and working out!

Saturday night we headed downtown and sat out on the patio at Humphrey’s but not before stopping by our little park to swing!

Suddenly she’s graduated to the big swings and I’m not ok. Stop Growing Please!!!

Anyways right after dinner the power went out downtown- of course it just happened to go dark right as I was buying these gorgeous flowers from In Bloom. I can’t wait for their new and improved shop at Clinton Row to open!

We then decided to walk around downtown to see what all the commotion was about- lots of big firetrucks investigating smoke around the courthouse! Turns out a squirrel had found its way into the power grid! Yikes!

We loved having Kyle’s parents in town- Keely in particular enjoyed them the most! Lots of hugs and tears when they left!

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend??



What’s for Dinner??: English Muffin Pizza

Hey friends!! It has been a while since I posted a recipe and well that’s because it’s been a while since I cooked us anything decent! Although shout out to Fresh Market and their Meal Deals!!

BUT! Tonight I made an easy dinner- so easy I promise you can’t screw it up!! Like I SWEAR!!

English Muffin Pizza.

I tried to think up a more creative name but it is taking all my energy to cook and write this post. Kidding……. maybe.

Anyways, English Muffin Pizza is something I use to make for Kyle and I all throughout college when I was down to the last of the english muffins and trying to use up things in my fridge!

Now as a mom I’m seeing them in a whole new light!!

Tonight I used what we already had ( english muffins, black olives, basil and shredded mozzarella) and I picked up the pepperoni’s and pizza sauce at the store on my way home. Sometimes we add mushrooms or make a pesto pizza etc, it just depends on what you have and how creative you feel like getting!

Assemble your pizza to your liking:

Pop it in the toaster oven and toast on medium or until the cheese has melted! Y’all I didn’t even turn my oven on for this dinner! Kyle teases that I’m one step above Lunchables. We will see if he gets any more pizza…….

I’m telling you it doesn’t get easier! I am spending more time writing this blog than I did making our meal tonight. That’s how it should be! We should be feeding our family’s good dinners but not taking a zillion years and three paychecks to make them!!

Big Family? Big appetites?? Make these as an afternoon snack or make them on pita!! Are your kids at home for the summer?? Be the cool mom with the pizzas for all their buddies! Even better- let your kids cook for you with this recipe!! Just sit back and relax with that glass of wine mama!

Kiddo approved! She’s not quite at the age that I can trust her to operate the toaster oven….soon.

If you love it- pin it with the graphic below!

What are you making for dinner?? Hit me up with those easy recipes!!



P.S. Shout out to our friend Jim for our amazing backsplash- he helped us finish it up this Summer! We’ve only been renovating our kitchen for 2 years…… someone (me) has a hard time making decisions for my own home.

Stokes Family Vacation 2018

Hey y’all— Long time, no type I know but JUNE was INSANELY busy!  Hoping the rest of our summer slows down some! I’ll probably do a June wrap up post soon but I wanted to go ahead and share all about our beach vacation!!

Every year we take a big family trip down to Panama City Beach and stay at this great house in Sunnyside. This year the group got even bigger with Keely and most of my family in attendance!

So for those of you counting we had about 20 adults and kids staying in two house this past week! It was fun and crazy and chaotic but the memories we are making with our families are priceless! I’m going to share some of the fun, a lot of the pictures and a few tips on traveling with a toddler. I think I’ll break that off into a bigger post later on and go into depth about things we brought with us!



Travel day! We actually started driving Friday but stopped in Montgomery and stayed with Kyle’s parents to break up the trip and to all caravan together Saturday morning. Our first stop in PCB was for LUNCH at the Captain’s Table. This is a fabulous hideaway oyster bar near downtown PCB on the bay! We actually ate at CT twice this trip!

This girl is a road trip pro! Nice long naps!

Give Mama all the oysters!

Keely tried shrimp for the first time (Dangerous game mamas I know but I had Benadryl in the care) and she LOOOOOOOVED it! She’s definitely a fan of seafood!

Checking out the porch views!

Too many shrimps mom!! But in reality I was trying to squeeze her into last years suit because I love it!

We got to our house and unloaded the car and Keely and I joined Kyle’s Aunt and Cousins on the beach! The second the ocean was in view our girl screamed for joy! I really think she was thinking  “I’m at the Ocean just like MOANA!!!!”

Getting in the ocean for the first time with cousin Jeb

She LOOOOOVED every minute of this trip!

Mama even got some sun time in!

Saturday night we planned to take photos on the beach with my family- My parents, brother and sister-in-law were already down and spent the day on the beach Saturday. I’d search and searched for a photographer in Panama City and found Victoria Land Photography! Y’all if you are headed down to 30A this summer- message Victoria! She was great with our crazy family and absolutely fabulous with Keely! I can’t wait to see our images- Kyle snuck a couple behind the scenes photos!

Sunday—- well really the rest of the week

Y’all know how beach time goes- It all gets washed out with the tide- it was such a relaxing week!  I’m so thankful I’ve got a beach bum and not a beach glum!

Y’all remember my post in May about my favorite summer staples?? Read it here! I purchased both suits that I talked about in that post and I LOOOOOOOOVE both of them! Re linking here and here for ya! This plum one-piece still let me feel sexy but definitely enough coverage and support for chasing Keely around! And it’s on sale!!

Back to Keely on the beach pics

I’ll touch on this more in my beach must-haves blog post but I just loved this sun hat and cover-up all week last week! The hat has ties (which is the only way I get this girl to keep a hate on!) and the cover up is terry cloth! Both are perfect for the beach!


Girlfriend napped hard on the beach all week and I was so happy I brought along our play pad from BlaBla! They don’t make ours anymore but Target has this super cute one!

Dino Rash Guard Set- Here

I swore  I wasn’t going to post this picture (c’mon Sal sit up straight ugh) but it’s the only candid shot I have of the three of us from the whole week! Birdie hates that life jacket fyi.

‘Mingo Rash Guard set- Here

Jessica Simpson Swimsuit-Here

Keely loved spending the week surround by her big cousins! Especially Cousin Mattie who turns 3 this week!

Big girl read the whole way home!

Speaking of reading- of course I didn’t snap a picture but I brought “The Mountain Between Us” by Charles Martin. If you like adventure novels (with a tiny bit of romance thrown in) this is the beach read for you! I’ve read that the movie got mixed reviews but I haven’t seen it yet! However I thought the book was a great read!

The drive home took us 9 hours! Pheww we were pooped! Made a starbucks stop along the way though! Don’t worry it’s only whip cream! They actually call it a pupachino!

Be on the look out for my Beach Must-Haves post later this week! Right now I’m going to head out to the pool with my fam and celebrate our awesome Country! Happy Birthday America!!





What’s in my bag!

So I’ve had a ton of questions lately about what all is in my bag that is actually for me, since I carry my Totesavvy  diaper bag insert on a daily basis! I emptied the contents and reorganized my purse the other day and here is what I’ve got! Right now I am using a GM Goyard tote.

  1. Totesavvy-
    If you’re a Mama still carrying a traditional diaper bag- STOP! Go read this post and check out the Totesavvy website. They’re having a huge sale right now too! This insert keeps me organized and ready for anything!
  2. Thieves
    I love the Thieves line of products from Young Living. It smells divine, is toxin free and best of all, its effective! The story behind Thieves is that Gary Young was studying the legends of French Thieves who would roll themselves in spices before looting graves during the plague. Turns out it wasn’t all legend and was featured in some medical journals way back when! Its a combo of cinnamon bark, clove, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils.
    The hand purifier and travel spray are always in my bag! Think dirty high chairs and public restrooms!! Sign up here for a wholesale membership and get yours now! Plus Young Living is having a sale on starter kits that ends today! Huge!! Want to read more about oils? Head here
  3. Lipgloss
    I’m always on the run so I rarely remember to put lipstick on at home! I’m loving this combo from Savvy Minerals . Bright, bold and toxin free! Best way to be!
  4. Sunnies
    I have a couple pairs of sunglasses that I change out pretty regularly depending on my mood and outfit! I know I know, I’m crazy. Right now I’m loving these pink aviators from Diff Eyewear! They’re from the Khloe Kardashian line so you know they’re fabulous right 🙂
  5. Key Chain
    How adorable is this fuzzy key bob! Even though my ToteSavvy does have a clip for my keys, when I’m running around I rarely remember to actually clip my keys on. I then end up digging around trying to find my keys. Not anymore- now all I have to do is feel around for my fuzzy pouf! My sweet sister-in-law gave me this one but here is a similar one!
  6. “Emergency” Bag
    I think every woman probably has something like this in her purse, but maybe it’s just me. I’ve got a pouch that I call my “emergency” pouch. No it’s not First Aid items 🙂 It’s full of items for a beauty emergency! Ponytail holders, safety pins, floss, tweezers, oil rollers etc. If you don’t keep tweezers in your purse you should start! For some reason I’m always seeing those pesky unwanted hairs when I’m out and about!
  7. Sunscreen and Bug Spray
    With Summer basically already being here I have found it necessary to keep both of these essential items in my bag. I’m loving this mineral sunscreen by Young Living for both Keely and I this Summer. Its gentle, toxin-free and effective! Same with the bug detterent spray I made up using Citronella and Purification essential oils!What do you have in your bag that I need to be carrying??? Of course in my Totesavvy I have everything I need for Keely- diapers, toys, sippy, but with her getting older and needing less “stuff” I’ve got more room in my bag for me!!



Life Lately

Happy Almost Summer!! Can you believe its here?!? In Alabama its definitely felt like summer! Big, loud thunder storms and high, humid temps! Not going to lie, I love it. Except for humidity. Humidity is a curse.

Our life has been crazy busy lately and I really do love it that way! Just living up to my motto “Mom on the Go.”  We’ve done a little traveling, a lot of birthday partying and just tons of general fun!

We started the month with Keely’s one year check up! Girl is always on the move and looked fabulous and healthy! This was literally the only picture I could snap while we were there.

Of course we’ve been keeping up the tradition of popsicle Fridays! I’m definitely not complaining!

How sweet are these two girls! We’ve loved going to all of Keely’s little friends birthday parties! I just think its so adorable watching them all interact with each other!

Little bird has been such a daddy’s girl lately and I love it. I’ll admit it does make me jealous but he’s the best dad so I can’t blame her for loving on him more 🙂

Although he has been in and  out of town a bit and us girls have been having lots of fun playing while he’s gone.

She’s been playing all his Xbox games for him and “winning”. Just kidding K!! (I’m sure he’s reading this and flipping out!) It is so funny to me though, how much toddler’s love remotes, phones and controllers!! She’s officially obsessed!!

We didn’t escape K’s business travel without the stomach bug- me not her- thank goodness!! It was pretty rough and of course the absolute worst week for it to happen! But my awesome friend Katie stepped up and helped me get Keely to school and back! So thankful for my tribe! Am I cool enough to say tribe? No! Do I care? Heck no!!

My favorite Saturday spent in May was taking Keely’s one year photos! Read all about that here

I’m still trying to decide between photos! It’s incredibly hard because they’re all so perfect! I do love this one because there is a little bird (besides Keely) in the top right corner. One of these days I’ll write a blog and really tell y’all all about my bird obsession. For me they are a huge reminder of my grandmother and I just can’t get over the fact that one photo bombed us 🙂

This past weekend wasn’t any different than the rest of our month- jam packed! We started out the weekend at the Lake, helping my folks throw a moving sale. That’s right, they’ve sold our family lake house after almost 18 years. I’m not upset about it at all, can’t you tell 🙂  It was time but still it’s just hard to say goodbye to place that has been such a big part of my life. I mean just take a look at the view

I managed to sneak this picture of my mom and Keely, playing. Melts my heart!!

We got home early evening on Saturday and my parents treated us to a kid free night! We headed to a late dinner at our favorite downtown restaurant, Purveyor and sat out on the patio. If you haven’t been yet, you are missing out! You definitely have to get dessert- we recommend the chocolate melting cake! I wish I had recordings of every time Kyle eats this dish! He cracks me up with his one liners about how delicious it is!

We strolled around downtown before heading home, just taking in the sights and sounds of our cool city! It blows my mind how this city has grown!

Y’all can I just say this- we are old- like we can’t hang anymore at all! We came home got in our pj’s and fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie we rented.

Sunday was indeed a FUNDAY! My friend Katherine and I hosted a trunk show with Regan Stanfield of Regan Allison Designs! She is a super fun, mom of 3 who designs incredible jewelry! We had so much fun seeing everyone and trying on all the things! Just take a look! Oh and FYI the “party” is open a few more days so message me if you want to shop it! Regan takes pre-orders on pieces and then custom makes and ships yours to you!!

And to round off a crazy weekend our friend Jim came Sunday evening to help us get started on our Kitchen backsplash!! Y’all have no idea how excited I am!!

That red stripe is finally going away!!

So with no slowing down in sight, I’m signing off! Have y’all had as busy of a month as us??



Friday Favs- Summer Staples

Summer is fast approaching- If you live in AL it already feels like summer outside, 95 degrees why?!? We are taking a big, family beach trip this summer. I’m a big time planner- like months in advance. Don’t believe me? Go read Keely’s Birthday Party blog, here. I’m insane.

Anyways- I thought I’d share some of my favorite summer staples with y’all today!


I know, I know. No one, I repeat No ONE likes swimsuit shopping. But it is necessary! I’m here to tell you its not as bad as you think it is! I ventured into the dressing room a few weeks ago with about 15 different one pieces, because well #mombod. I didn’t leave in tears as I had prepared myself for. Instead I left with two really fabulous suits

  1. Bleu Rod Beattie- Oh So Knotty One Piece
    Y’all it is possible to look and feel sexy in a one piece suit!! I was blown away! This color is fabulous too- a great shade of plumb to make you look tanner! The thickness of the material and the construction had me feeling secure and the look is very flattering! I sized up and got an 8

2.  Anne Cole- Twist Front Bandeau One Piece
You can’t got wrong with a black strapless bathing suit! This one has some rushing around
the tummy which I definitely benefitted from! Plus it’s currently on sale!! I got an 8



With the Royal Wedding happening tomorrow, and my general obsession for fabulous pajamas, I decided I needed a great PJ set perfect for viewing all the royal goodness. Target for the win!

Y’allllllllll! Seriously this set is so comfortable- not to mention super cute with its soft floral pattern! It’s made of Tencel which makes them perfect for Summer. Tencel is a fiber made from wood pulp- it absorbs moisture more efficiently than other natural fibers- meaning it helps keep you cool and dry!

Top Bottoms

Platform Sandals

I love that platform sandals are back in style!!! Maybe they never really went out but I’m drooling over these four styles and I can’t decide which to order!!  Which is your fav?? Click the picture to order and let me know which you get!

Sunscreen and after sun spray

A true summer staple-Sunscreen! Don’t leave home without it! I’ve been using both the Mineral Sunscreen and the Lavaderm after Sunspray for Keely and I already this month!! I was really worried about this sunscreen because I’ve used other Natural/Mineral Sunscreens before and they don’t always rub in great. This one from Young Living is really amazing! It blends in well and protects my baby’s sensitive skin! Its SPF 10 but I encourage you to read here as to why you really don’t need a high SPF.

Not only is this good for minor sunburns its also great for minor rash, itch and bug bites! Its a great combo of aloe, lavender and helichrysum essential oils and its incredibly moisturizing! These two items have stayed in my bag since I ordered them in April!!

For more on essential oils and natural toxin – free products- head here


What are some of your summer staples?? Let me know!



Keely’s One Year Photos

We spent Cinco De Mayo with Lindsey of 17th+Pear taking our 1 year photos!!

She is an amazing photographer and from our very first shoot Keely has been wrapped around her finger!


We found 17th+Pear through some friends who had used them to do their Baby packages- Newborn, 6 month, 1 year etc. The minute we found out our due date I was calling Lindsey to get us booked!

For our Newborn photos I chose our house for the location. I wanted Keely to have photos of her first home for years to come!

For Keely’s 6 month photos we traveled to the 17th+Pear studio- it’s so cute! They’ve got this adorable little house in Downtown Athens!

For the 1 year photos I wanted something fun and different.I couldn’t make up my mind on the location. Originally I thought about walking down to our little park where we had Keely’s birthday party. Then I came across this photo and the light bulb came on…..

My good friend Casee took this photo a few years ago for our Christmas card. This is the Old State Bank of Alabama building in Downtown Huntsville. You may call it First National Bank, Regions bank, or the bank that Jesse James robbed. Kyle and I had our rehearsal dinner here and it has a very rich History in our city!  I knew we needed to recreate this picture!

Of course we had to fight off a few prom couples- sorry……. And my vision of K and I holding hands while Keely bird sat below us, didn’t really work for our little walker. However I think we nailed it! Definitely hanging this one in our house!

The rain held off for us, although Lindsey did have a back up plan that involved a clear umbrella! One thing I’ve learned this year is always have a backup plan. And snacks. And an outfit change. 🙂

After I got my bank picture we headed down to the park to let our girl run around and show off her personality!

That bow didn’t last long. Keely’s sweet birdie dress came from one of my favorite pre-order smocked groups- The Smocking Bug! They currently have some extras of this dress- get it here.

Sassiest girl you’ve ever met…..

Of course being in Big Spring Park meant we had to take a photo in front of the incredible Rocket City Mural! Have you seen it yet?

We live in such a fun city! Huntsville, you’re out of this world…… see what I did there!

Last stop was U.G. White for some candy!!

Side Note- I’m the worst Mama- we just looked at the pretty candy and didn’t buy any…..

here are my tips for a photo shoot with a toddler!

  • Buy a leash- just kidding….but not really
  • Bring all the snacks- seriously all of them
  • Don’t forget an outfit change for baby- you never know what’s going to happen, juice box spill, mud from sitting in the grass, a blowout…..
  • If you’re taking your photos outside- have a backup plan in case of rain
  • Have fun- your photographer is a pro and you’ve hired them for their expertise. Find a photographer you’re comfortable with and trust. I love Lindsey, she’s always up for my ideas but puts her own spin on them. I never worry that she’s not getting my good side, and she’s amazing with my kid!
  • Chose simple outfits- I know it sounds cliche but chose timeless, easy pieces and think about your surroundings. My seersucker dress was the perfect match for a muggy day in May, and how handsome does Kyle look in his linen oxford. Of course Keely really stole the show- it was after all her photo shoot.

What are your tips for photos with kids?? I’d love to hear them!






My dress and earrings- Elitaire Boutique

Nude Platform Sandal- Michael Kors- These are similar

Kyle’s Linen Button Down- Here Its on sale!!

Keely’s Dress- The Smocking Bug- Here

Keely’s Sandals- Freshly Picked- Here Best sandals ever- they’re prong less meaning I don’t have to worry about punching an extra hole when her foot gets bigger!



Simple DIY Teacher Gifts

With the end of the school year fast approaching have you started thinking about Teacher Gifts!? No?!? Well don’t worry! I’ve compiled some easy DIY gifts to shower your Teachers, Co-Workers, Friends and Neighbors with!

Teacher Appreciation for Keely’s School is next week- but she’s moving up to the 1 year olds class on Monday (insert sobs from mom here), so we decided to take our gifts this week to thank three of our favorite ladies! They’ve been amazing caretakers of our little girl and she loves them very much!

There are tons of ideas out there on Pinterest but I’m a fan of simple things that pack a big punch!  I’m also a fan of DIY gifts! It’s been a fun year with this being the first time I get to shower our favorite ladies  with gifts! Keely definitely has the best daycare teachers and so far I’ve taken them a few different tokens of our appreciation! Here are my favorite, simple DIY teacher gifts!

Spa in a Cup

My friend Beth had this fabulous idea to gift “Spauccinos” to friends and family for Christmas using epsom salts and essential oils! You can check out her full post here

I took that idea and ran with it to use as DIY teacher gifts! I asked my favorite barista for a few grande frappuccino cups and lids, with my morning coffee order. I did offer to pay him but he gave them to me!


Unscented Epsom Salts- These are my favorite

Travel size shower pouf- you can use these– I found mine at the Dollar Tree

Parfait cups with lids- you can get unlabeled ones here or just sweet talk your favorite barista

Your favorite 5ml bottles of essential oils! Get my favorites here


I filled my grande cups about a 1/3 of the way full with my epsom salts. Pop the  pouf on top, place the lid on and perch your EO on top!

Easiest teacher, neighbor, friend gift ever! Just make sure they realize these are for the bathtub and not to drink!!


Treat Yo Self

I gave these as Christmas gifts for Keely’s teachers! I included my favorite hot chocolate packets, a Stress Away bath bomb and these sassy mugs!

I paired little notes wishing them a Merry Christmas and encouraging our favorite teachers to relax in a bath with a mug of hot cocoa! I add a little bit of rumchata to mine 🙂


Fillable Ornaments- Varies based on size of your bath bombs. You’ll need this 70 mm for the stress away bath bomb size.

Stress Away Bath Bombs– comes as a 4 pack

Sassy Mug- mine came from the Dollar Tree but these are cute too!

Your favorite hot chocolate!


Pop your S.A. Bath Bomb in the fillable ornament and close. I sealed mine with clear scotch tape just to make sure they didn’t open up! Tie a cute ribbon to the top and Voila the cutest, most relaxing ornament!

I filled my mug with a little bit of gold crinkle and slipped the Hot Cocoa pouch, ornament and note inside! Done!

I know what you’re thinking. “Thats cute Sallie but it’s MAY!!! I can’t  gift an ornament in May!!” Sure you can, just don’t call it an ornament! Get a happy mug and a springy ribbon and you’re all set!

Hugs & Kisses

Maybe the teachers in your life aren’t into relaxing baths- I’ve never met anyone like that but I’m sure they’re out there.  This next DIY will surely please anyone- because its Chocolate!!


Metal Containers- I snagged mine in the Dollar Spot at Target but this one from Amazon is super cute

Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses- I did this at Valentines so Hugs were really easy to find! Amazon has them though!

Cello Bags- here


I filled our cello bags up with a mixture of Hugs and Kisses. Tied with a ribbon and added a note that said “XOXO Hugs and Kisses Love Keely”

I used a little bit of watercolors and hand painted our tags! It was super simple!

Once I had my treat bags done I place them in our metal container and send them to school with Keely. The perfect treat- when my child is being anything but!


“Here’s Soapin’….

You have a great summer!!”

For the end of the year I’ve got a fun and useful gift to give! Everyone needs hand soap at home- so why not give our favorite, toxin-free foaming hand wash!!

Y’all know how much I love my Thieves and all my essential oil infused products! This was literally a no brainer!

** If you don’t know why I love Young Living and why you should too- read here


Thieves Foaming Hand Wash- Here or your favorite hand soap. If you get the Thieves- buy the 3 pack and you’ll save some money! Better yet add it to your Essential Rewards order and get rewards points!

Tag- Heres Soapin’– I’m linking my printable for y’all here! Just save it to your computer and use Avery’s design software to print on business card paper!


Get your hand soaps, print your tag and tie on with some adorable ribbon or raffia and you’re good to go!

Just remember you don’t have to do something elaborate for it to be meaningful! So shower you teachers and caretakers and let them know how thankful you are for them!



Keely’s – Picnic in the Park -1st Birthday!

This past Saturday we gathered our loved ones and had a picnic in the park to celebrate our Keely turning 1!  To read my thoughts on having a one year old and her birth story check out this post!

Where and When

In January I started thinking about Keely’s first birthday party! I know 3 months in advance is a lot but I love to plan! Plus I save myself a lot of stress that way! I wanted to have her party at our house because I grew up having all of my parties at my house! However we live in just a little over 1200 sq. ft and I knew that just wasn’t going to work- plus I think Kyle would’ve locked himself in the bedroom with so many folks in our house!

Fortunately for us we have an amazing park less than a mile away from our teeny house! Its the perfect combo of playground and greenspace! Location- Check!!

This year Keely’s birthdate fell on a Saturday- Date- Check! My birthday is on Christmas Eve, so being able to have your party on your actual birthday is a big deal for me!

Theme and scheme

Of course I knew I wanted to work in birds into the theme! If you don’t understand that last sentence, read here. We love birds (duh!) and I had a ton of birdie decor items already at home! I also decided to use white serving pieces, since I already had tons of white serving pieces! I did snag an adorable pink ruffled cake plate from the Target dollar spot!

The picnic idea came about after I determined the location of the party and my friend Rebecca and I  were brainstorming ideas for the invitation! She does all my graphics and created the cutest picnic in the park invite! She even incoporated a birdie!! The colors were determined from the outfit I had for Keely to wear on her big day! Minty blues and Coral Pinks.

Plates, cups and silverware were all in rose gold and gold metallics. They make the perfect neutrals in my opinion and add a touch of elegance to any picnic!

If it were possible for lady and silverware to be married- I’d be saying I Do. I love the vintage look of it and the fact that it’s plastic and reusable made me even happier!!

I decided to wrap the silverware after I found these adorable floral napkins at Target! They only came in a beverage size, so I used a white dinner napkin and layered the two! Plus its the perfect way to bring cutlery to a picnic!

The big day

The upside of having it at my house would’ve been not having to haul anything to the party location. We didn’t have far to go and it only  took a couple of trips back and forth so I really can’t complain! I decided to set up under the shadiest part of the park to give some reprieve to our guests. It was a gorgeous Spring Saturday! Nice and Sunny!

Since I only had the one table, I really wanted to make it stand out. I have a table fitter table cloth for my 6′ table. Have y’all seen these! It’s a floor length vinyl table cloth that has a tailored look to it! I don’t know what I did without it! Target had this sweet, scalloped paper table cloth in our minty color and I picked up some pink gingham fabric to finish off the table! I also used varying heights and sizes for my serving pieces and platters- again creating a layered look.

What’s a picnic without some picnic blankets?? The patchwork quilt in the center has a lot of meaning to Kyle and I. Kyle’s GaGa made this quilt for us back in 2011 when we got married. We used this quilt as a guest book and had all our friends and family sign the back side of  it at our reception. It’s such a special piece of our history- we’ve lost family and friends since then and I love looking back and seeing their well wishes to us. I was glad we incorporated it into`Keely’s first birthday party!

Since the party was at 10:30, I wanted to keep the food really light and simple. Especially because we were bringing everything to the park and didn’t have a portable kitchen on hand!  I went to Costco the day before and bought chicken salad, fruit, cheese and pretzels sticks. Plus waters and juice boxes!  You can’t have a party without  ice cream and the best cake and cupcakes from my friend Betsy of Heavens to Betsy Baked Goods. She does all our cakes and they’re hands down the tastiest cakes you’ve ever had! Check her out here! I don’t have any leftover cupcakes thanks to our greedy dog Nova  who decided they’d be a great late night snack Saturday night!

Birdie girl is a big fan of cake!

Goodie Bags

You can’t let your friends leave without a goody bag and a big thank you for coming! Since most of the kids attending were one year olds, I didn’t want to be the mom sending home tons of candy! In keeping with the birdie theme, we sent home delicious birdie cookies from Zuzu’s confections and little bags of bird seed! “A treat for you and a treat for the birds!”

Y’all be sure to stop by Wild Birds Unlimited (Huntsville folks). They’re so sweet to Keely and gave us the bird seed and baggies! Keely and I have a date to go pick out a brand new bird feeder for our yard as a thank you to them!! I put the cookie and the bird seed in mini treat bags I snagged from the Target dollar spot!

I could write love letters to the Target dollar spot! It’s amazing! Y’all don’t let the pictures fool you- this party was done on a budget! Just because you’ve got a budget doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous!

Start early- that way you can find the best deals and save yourself stress! Spend money on the big things- cake, food, invites and save on the decor- even better utilize things you have at home and plan accordingly! We are crazy for birds and have tons of birdie things already around our house! Maybe you have trains and cars or tons of princess stuff! Make it easy on yourself and give yourself a head start by choosing a theme that’s done for you!

Most important…

Enjoy the day! No one wants to be around a stressed mommy- including that stressed mommy! Relax, breathe and remember that this party is really for you… so enjoy!  Shout out to my friend Katie for making me realize that exact thing  last Saturday!





Plates– Not the same but very similar

Ice Cream Cups -and the Dollar Section at Target

Cutlery -By far the cutest silverware out there!

Mint Table Cover -I layered with this White Vinyl Table Fitter

Keely’s Table and Chairs– The table and chairs combo is currently unavailable but the chairs are still so cute!

Paper Pinwheels

Napkins Similar- very vintage looking 🙂

Cake Plates- Here, Here, Here

Keely’s Custom Bib

***Huge thanks to Meg (the best babysitter and sous chef in the world), Katie (for keeping me sane and not letting me buy all the things at Costco), Katherine (for being the real party planner and talking it all through with me) and both Aunt Emilys (for taking fabulous pictures)